Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Under the Sea" in the Finished Column

With only a little more than three weeks left in 2010, I'm going to admit defeat. I'm feeling somewhat ashamed about not reaching my "Ten in '10" goal. That being to make and finish ten projects I named on my to-do list. To justify my defeat, I'm allowing that I did finish ten items - actually many more, particularly if you count my skirt-making craze - but these things weren't listed back in January. Sigh. I can only strive to do better in 2011.

One of my unanticipated finishes is this "Under the Sea" embroidery project. It's a Willowberry Designs BOM that began in January. This week I selected fabrics and joined the blocks.
Some of the cornerstone squares I made into stars.
 I quilted in the ditch around the embroidered blocks.
 The borders are quilted with designs that mimic the embroidery.
 Quilted bubbles and a whale spout.

 This little quilt finished at 23-1/2" X 29-1/2". And how about those binding corners?!
 A binding cutting "oops" caused me to improvise. I joined blue fabric to the yellow binding fabric. Now I like the binding better! This reinforces my belief that when you make a mistake, you can make it work to your advantage when you think creatively about your options.
 When I came across this backing fabric, I immediately identified it as perfect for this project.
One last time, thank you Cheryl for your free embroidery designs! As pleased as I am with the result, and happy about having a finish - even to sewing a sleeve at the top for hanging - for now the piece will simply be folded up and put away. Someday I'll come across a sweet little girl that this will perfectly suit.

I like reading the comments you've made about the pattern giveaway. But I'm feeling sorry for those of you who have commented, and must certainly be unaware that you're a "no reply" blogger. I've counted at least eight of you! On Friday, if your name is selected, I'll have no way to let you know you've won. So, another name will be chosen to receive your prize. Just thought you might like to know.

Here's a chuckle courtesy of MaryEllen@TheDealScoop in North Carolina.
I always wondered why a frisbee gets bigger the closer it gets to you.
Then it hit me.


  1. I love the binding Linda. What is it they say? Necessity is the mother of invention. cheers, Jan

  2. What a cute finish! I love the binding....and you're right. Sometimes we're stretched to come up with solutions and they end up being fabulous! I especially love the way you quilted this!

  3. The quilt looks fabulous Linda - I like the star cornerstones and the way you used the "sea" themes in your quilting. I hope it doesn't stay in the cupboard for too long.

  4. It came out incredible!! Way to go! ~karen

  5. Linda,
    I was looking at your site and your donation quilts and I love the pattern you call crust and crumbs but I cant find that pattern. Can you help me with that?? Tammie

  6. funny,
    Be proud you got that quilt done.
    It turned out so great. Love the stars and look at your with your inventive way to fix your binding. We wouldn't have known any different.
    It is all awesome.
    thanks for coming by my blog.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. You've accomplished so much, Linda! Most importantly, you've been there for your family!

  8. Your new quilt looks so nice Linda, what a wonderful job. Like you, I love stitcheries too, but I am not so quick. I tend to work on mine when ewe are relaxing on a wekend away in the caravan.

  9. Linda, that is just the cutest thing! The stars are perfect... as is the quilting :) Thank you for sharing your lovely work and for linking back to me.
    Have a Happy New Year!
    xx Cheryl xx

  10. Très joli montage pour ces broderies!J'ai imprimé les dessins , peut-être pour 2011?
    Happy new year!


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