Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pink-Pieced and String Things

As you know, when I was at home last week I burned up my rotary cutter and mat, stripping fabrics for the mystery quilt "Roll, Roll Cotton Boll." Now, spending a week in Kansas at Jill's house - with lots of time spent taking care of small children - I'm working on RRCB as I can.

RRCB Part 1 is to cut 2" strips and sew to make these 2"-wide subcut units. I have made only 75 of the needed 172 units.

RRCB Part 2 is to make 120 of these 3-1/2" X 3-1/2" triangle blocks. Working on them has been like eye-candy - specifically, chocolate covered cherries! Never having previously paired pink and brown for a quilt, I love this combo. Though many of the fabrics are old and tired-looking, the blocks look yummy.

This print combo below was the biggest surprise. That brown with orange fabric is old, ugly, and orange! I didn't think it could possibly work with pink. But look! Pink makes the orange resemble pink, doesn't it? Isn't it interesting how colors work together?

I also brought along some of Part 3 which is neutral, string-pieced blocks that measure 8-1/2" X 8-1/2". 
These 30 blocks are just half of what's needed, but they're trimmed and telephone book paper foundations have been torn off. Gosh. Who knew that a 15 month-old is invaluable help when tearing paper from the back of a quilt block?!

Believe it or not, I've completed all that I brought along to do. Do I have too much time on my hands? Or did I underestimate what was do-able? When I return home, I'll finish up Part 1 and Part 2. I haven't begun Part 4. Part 5 will be released Friday. 

But hey! Where's the fire?! And anyway, whenever I'm in Kansas I can depend on the excellent help of a 15 month-old.


  1. You've made some great progess on this quilt. I've been watching Bonnie's mystery quilt as well, thinking that it could be really fun. I love the color combination!

  2. Haven't you been a busy girl, congratulations on all that hard work. I had a look at the mystery quilt and was thinking, shall I , shan't I?

  3. WOW!! You've done well! All because you had such a good helper! ~karen

  4. You're doing great! I've only made part of step 1 so far but hope to get back to it tomorrow. Could I borrow that 15 month old?

  5. What a great stash-buster quilt! Great colour combo too! It's pricked my conscience about my half-finished Double Delight Mystery quilt of Bonnie's from 2 years ago.(One day ...) I'll look forward to seeing how your yummy RRCB turns out.

  6. Uh, oh! I think you are getting addicted to mystery quilts!! Good job!!

  7. Great work on the Quilt steps. I love pink and brown together, yours are gorgeous particularly that orange that has decided to become pink! I'm so jealous about your strip blocks, wish I could get motivated as much as you. Maybe I just need to borrow your helper.

  8. that the way to keep him busy. You have gotten a lot done. I really like the string blocks in the off white fabrics.


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