Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Move that bus!"

Based on my previous blog post, and comments made by a couple of you - I particularly liked Carla's remark: "move that bus" - I took a few pictures of my basement sewing room. I've shown similar pictures in the past, but it's been a while, so perhaps you won't mind seeing it again. I have done a little rearranging. 

These pictures were taken post-chaos, but the space still isn't as tidy as I strive to keep it. I had only four days at home in which to do a lot of cutting and sewing, and then had to leave it behind as I've returned to Kansas for another week of helping our post-c-section daughter. She's is improving, and should physically be able to handle her family by January.

So without further ado, here's my sewing area.

This photo was taken while standing on the basement staircase. In the foreground you can see three nearly-empty bins into which I am putting light, medium and dark value strips.
The cardboard box to the left contains all the selvages I've been collecting.
In the center is my covered-up Pfaff Grand Quilter which I use exclusively for free-motion quilting. The hollow-core doors surrounding it are what I still hope to finish, to make a smooth surface for easily sliding a quilting around. I know you're too polite to ask, so I'll admit that under the doors are more than several UFOs. On the right is my cutting table.  

On the far wall is an ironing table (built by my husband) with space for storage bins beneath.
The photo below shows the Bernina 830 I sew on. My design wall is on the right.
At the moment, these bins are looking pretty tamed, but such was not the case last week.
Below, fabrics heaped on the left need to be pressed and strip-cut into various widths, and then sorted. That bin is why I need to find a bunch of volunteer quilt-strippers!
Neutral strips in the right-hand bin are currently being used to make Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.
Now that I've revealed all, it's turnabout! Let's see pictures of your sewing space. 
 FYI: Pattern giveaway winners announced tomorrow.


  1. It's not that bad! You have plenty of space and I like your countertop cutting board.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Linda! You have a great space to create....that ironing board is wonderful....I put a little pad on the bed in the room I sew on...not very efficient! I love that your selvages are in a paper shredder box!

  3. Your space is similar to mine - I loved seeing it. I have an ironing table but I use a hollow core door on top of a banquet table. Because of the banquet table legs I can't store as much as I would like under it. blessings, marlene

  4. I have a cutting table also, but I can't find it. Somehow it got buried under a pile of fabric, patterns and books.

  5. At this point, I think I can only walk in and turn around to walk out of my sewing room. There are selvages, strips and clamshells everywhere, not to mention fabric and projects in progress! After Christmas, its time for some serious decluttering and organizing in there.

  6. Now that's an interesting challenge.....will I reveal my sewing room? It's fairly tidy right now, so perhaps I will. Thanks for sharing, I love being able to picture you now when i think of you stitching!

  7. Great place to sew. Love that huge ironing area.

  8. I love you ironing table. Tell me how you made your cover. Did you use cotton or do you have an insulated fabric on top?

    It looks like a great space to work in.


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