Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Blogospheric Buddy!

Today I had the happy pleasure of meeting a fellow quilter-blogger, Carla, of Lollyquiltz. She has a colorful blog with beautiful photos of quilts - both personal and for missions - and her grandchildren. Let me tell you, Carla is just as lovely in person as the words and images she conveys through her blog.

We met at Homer's Coffee Shop in old Overland Park, Kansas. After more than an hour of chatting, that passed in about five minutes, we walked to nearby Harper's Fabric and Quilt Company where the owner, Elaine, took this picture of Carla and me. 

When we first met, Carla remarked that I didn't have curly hair like my blog picture. She's right! Guess I need to get a new picture of myself.

Just so you know how sweet Carla really is, she came bearing gifts! I received a Pink Flamingo cookbook published by her quilting small group of eight women who have been meeting at least monthly for the past eight years (How cool is that!?); and four fat quarters of Denyse Schmidt fabrics! I am touched by Carla's generosity,

It was very nice to browse through the quilt shop with her, looking at fabrics, patterns, and hearing about Kansas City's Modern Quilt Guild.

Our time together passed much too quickly, and Carla had to hustle off to an appointment. I stayed in the shop, and to no one's surprise, I managed to find several fabrics I liked. 
Because of Carla - it was her suggestion to go to Harper's! - in my sewing future there's fabric to make another Marie Madeline Studio Route 66 skirt, and a very neat "Trixie" bag by Renay of Pursestring Patterns. Renay works at Harper's, so it was nice to have her show me her purse/bag patterns and samples.

Carla made today a glorious day. And later, swapping emails, we realized we'd both thought of questions and subjects we wanted to ask each other about. Guess we'll just have to make sure to get around to those topics the next time we meet! 


Jenny said...

Isn't it wonderful to meet a fellow blogger - you feel like you are old friends right from the start. What a lovely time the two of you had.

tammikins said...

How fun! And I love the new 'do!

Carrie P. said...

It is fun to meet bloggers. So glad you had a good day and how nice of her to bring you a gift.

Elyte said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us. Isn't it wonderful sharing time with others who share our interests. I am also hoping to meet up with a blog friend soon, hope it works out.


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