Monday, September 27, 2010

Window Treatments for a Value

Not much quiltmaking has been happening since I offered to make window treatments for three windows at Jill's house in Kansas. Two of the windows are those half-circle, decorative windows you sometimes see on newer homes. I had wondered how those window coverings were made, and now I know. The old ones, which were in tatters from sun exposure on the south side of the house, were my pattern.
I'd always thought the curtain must be a half-circle shape, like a fan, so I was surprised to learn it's just one really long rectangle-shape! It took three 58" widths of fabric to make the length needed.
At the top of the window, a clear flexible tube is threaded through the rod pocket and shaped for the arch. The bottom of the rectangle is simply accordion-pleated and secured with a zip tie! Who knew!?

From the inside you can see the zip tie.
My greatest satisfaction in all this comes in the savings. I sewed them with Roc-lon drapery lining fabric which is made to block sunlight and provide "energy saver" insulation. I used two layers of fabric for each half-circle window and made both for only $21! And the decorator quoted Jill $70 for one window. It's stuff like this that makes me grateful that I can sew... and sorry for the young people who are not being exposed to that valuable skill.

From the outside of the house, they look pretty darned good, if I do say so myself.
(Below) This 40"-long window treatment, a tabbed valance, is on the single window in "my" room at their house. If you recall, from the same print I made posh pillowcases, for the bed.
I love how they turned out, and they weren't expensive to make either since I already had white fabric for lining. Aren't we glad we know how to sew and save pennies?

It's been a while since I've shared a good joke. This one is from Elizabeth, a sweet and talented - she bakes, cooks, sews, and takes beautiful photographs - young lady, who's 16 (Oops!) 14 years old. She has the loveliest blog too: JoyfulJewels4Jesus.

Why did the computer technician's cheese sandwich always disappear?
Because his *mouse* ate it!


Elyte said...

You have done a wonderful job with those window dressings Linda. And the savings are enormous.
I like the way you tackle these problems and share your solutions very generously.

Elizabeth. said...

What creative projects for window treatments! And it was fun seeing my joke featured! :) My brother shared that one with me. :) Thanks for your sweet words about me, too! Also, I am 14, but thank you for thinking I was older! :)

Joyfully in Jesus,

Jackie's Stitches said...

The window coverings look fantastic! Saving a load of $$$ makes them all the better.

In Awe of Applique said...

How lucky for your daughter to have such a thrifty Mom!! I love nothing better than a great bargain and the labor involved doesn't count towards the cost when it's a labor of love! The window adornements look wonderful :)

Julia said...

great job on the curtains Linda...isn't it nice to save some $$ to spend on stash.
Love the joke..
Julia ♥

Zimbogirl said...

Hi Linda - you are an inspiration on many levels. Where do you get all that energy?
Luv the Zimbabwe Australian Quilter
x x x
I think of you everytime I put on my "finger pin cushion" :)

Edith Bieri-Hanselmann said...

Linda, the curtains are looking great, especially the half round one. Do you remember that I have a triangle window? Do you have a good suggestion for that? If yes, come over and sew them for me ;-))

Julie said...

What a wonderful job you have done with the curtains, and what wonderful savings were made! As much as I procrastinated and complained about making curtains, there is a huge satisfaction factor when you see them all done and looking great! To my sister in window dressing, I salute you!

Carla said...

I have a window in need of a gathered treatment like that! Thanks for the tip. Hope your Stichin' Mission is going well.


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