Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bow Ties

I like to make blocks with other quilters. It means you don't have to take responsibility for making a whole quilt, and you get to make a block that you might never have made otherwise. Just send me some background fabric, tell me the theme, point me to a pattern and I'm happy to play along. That's what my friend, the lovely Miss Di did. She even sweetened the deal by including in the parcel of background fabric, a pot mat and a pretty fat quarter. I certainly wouldn't call it bribery, would you?

Di asked me to make 18 Bow Tie blocks for a quilt she and another Di are making for a guy. I only had to cull my stash to come up with prints that matched his interests.

We're using this pattern. To make a 6" (finished) block you need four patches, two of which have a small diagonal piece sewn to a corner. The instructions say to draw a line - corner to corner - on the back of each small square, and to stitch on that line. Instead, I used "The Angler." Do you use one of these? It's taped to the sewing surface. Then, when you sew, you align the fabric corner with the line on the Angler, sewing a straight line without marking. 

These Bow Tie blocks went together in practically no time.

I don't know how Di plans to lay out 150 Bow Tie blocks, but it will definitely be an interesting quilt.
I thoroughly enjoyed helping with this quilt, and am looking forward to seeing the finish.
It's been a while since you've had a chuckle, so here's a cute joke shared by Elissa of Arizona.
Why did the blonde get fired from the M&M factory?
She was throwing out the Ws!


Di said...

Linda, I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very, very much!!!!
I hope you're using your pot mitt for holding onto hot handles when you're cooking - not just sitting admiring it :-))

Julie said...

Lovely blocks Linda, and how clever of Di to get your help with them.

Deb said...

Very cute blocks. Do you remember the time we went on retreat and you helped me make the dimensional bow ties out of the Aunt Grace fabrics? I still love that little quilt.

Teresa said...

Thnaks for showing the Angler. I have seen it in quilt shops but just did not understand what you did with it until your post. Might have to get one now. Your blocks look great.


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