Monday, September 6, 2010

Give Away a Project

This project has been given away.
It's going to Mary-anne in Victoria, Australia.
Believe it or not, back in the early '80s for several years I owned and operated a small retail shop in Altoona, Iowa, called The Stitchery Niche. Mostly I sold counted cross-stitch (CCS) supplies, and taught classes in counted cross-stitch, needlepoint, candlewicking and huckweaving.

During those years, I tried very hard to get Jill (our daughter) interested in CCS. She completed only two projects: the "Footprints in the Sand" poem, and a Precious Moments clown standing on a ball with the phrase "Keep Your Eye on the Ball." Last week, while helping Jill settle in her new house, we came across those two framed pieces and the unfinished CCS below.

It's the "Holliwell Bridge," one of the bridges of Madison County, Iowa. Jill stitched it on #14 Fiddler's cloth and the design area, thus far, covers 9-7/8" X 5-3/4".
Jill had pretty big ideas at the time, planning to stitch three other covered bridges - Imes Bridge, Hogback Bridge, and Roseman Bridge. These are four of the six covered bridges still in Madison County today. The patterns appeared as a series in 1995-96 issues of Cross Stitch magazine.Not wanting to just toss this, Jill suggested I offer these items free to the first person who comments, letting me know you want to finish this UFO. You'll get the partially finished Holliwell Bridge piece with the pattern, the three additional bridge patterns in three issues of Cross Stitch magazine, a magnetic line-minder with four magnets, and a package of Susan Bates brand tapestry needles. (Note: no DMC floss is included.) I'll pay the postage.
There are no strings attached. We just want to see this pretty piece finished and loved. If that person is you, thanks! This project has been given away. It's going to Mary-anne in Victoria, Australia. Thank you, Mary-anne!


  1. Yes please!! I love covered bridges and I promise to finish the projects.

  2. I love the covered bridges and actually got to one whilst on my US trip - it was perfect for the Amish horse and carts using it. I dont want to enter the competition, just wanted to say I love the subject matter.


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