Monday, February 1, 2010

Sorting, Purging, Organizing, Decluttering

After nearly 21 years in the same house, and possibly down-sizing while we're still able-bodied - it's just the two of us and a dog - we've agreed to do some much-needed purging. This all began at the first of the year and continues, biting and "eating a little of the elephant" every day.

Much of what we're tackling either A) belongs to me; or B) is something only I can make a decision about. So it's been overwhelming to keep up with routine commitments, find time for stitching and sewing, and sort and organize.

The weekend found me spending many hours with my vast collection of quilting-related magazines. Being a freelance writer for quilting magazines requires me to keep up on the latest quilting activities, and how each publication approaches them.

Piling up everything that needed sorting, I approached it all with a minimalist's perspective. If I am moving someplace else, what do I really need to take with me?

I began with my own articles. For each published work, I kept only the magazine cover, table of contents, and the article itself. Each went into a plastic sleeve with three-ring binder holes. I was surprised to count 56 articles since 2001, now all in one large binder.

For the rest of the magazines I paged through to see if any instructions or projects might be of future interest, and if so, I kept only those pages. Naturally, those went into a different three-ring binder. I also made a binder for "Quilting Designs," and "Embroidery."
But, it turns out the majority of the magazines are intact! I'm offering them to friends, and new quilters at the last Stitchin' Mission beginner quiltmaking lesson on February 9. I'm hoping they'll be receptive to taking them, to further their interest in quilting.

It's a win-win, isn't it? And look at how I've decluttered! Yay!


  1. Linda, it looks like you made some serious progress and were left with a very manageable pile to keep! Congratulations! I know it feels good to get it sorted out and organized.

  2. I started doing that type of decluttering of magazines on New Year's Eve. Isn't that a novel way to ring in the new year. Anyhow, what I didn't want I took to a gal who is teaching beginning quilters. It's a nice way to get rid of magazines, but not throwing them away. My finished project doesn't look as good as yours, but I am still working on it. Just running a little slower because I've been stopping to reread some of the articles.

  3. Looks like you made a serious dent! I'm not sure that I am ready to go through THOSE magazines just yet, but my back issues of Victoria could find new homes...the only problem is that I usually spend my day looking through them first!!

  4. I think you should write an article about how you've gone about organizing/downsizing your quilting stuff!

  5. But you know one day soon you will remember an article or project you read somewhere and go hunt for it and guess what its the mag you chucked out. Well that happens to me anyway. Im waiting for the fabric chuck out pile... bet that will be teensy. Good Luck

  6. Hi Linda, I found your blog by way of Cheryl of Willowberry Designs. I too am working on the Candied Hexagons. I have added some larger daimonds which should (I hope) all fit together. Am almost ready to start playing with layout but overseas visitors arriving today will put that plan on hold for the moment. Some of mine are shown on my blog if you have time to have a peek.
    Take Care

  7. Oh, to me it felt so good to declutter a few years ago. I cleared out a whole closet. There were things I had forgot I had and so they must not have been important so out they went.
    I do that with all the magazines I buy. Just keep the articles of interest.
    You sure have written a lot of articles.
    I am sure those newbies will love those magazines.

  8. And all of it completed in just one weekend. Took me a lot longer than that and there is no way I had had that many projects published:)

    Isn't it amazing how many magazines and similar one can clear out when one really has to.



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