Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Online Shopping

It isn't often that I shop online. We have several lovely shops in our area that mostly satisfy my quilting needs. And even when looking for stitchery supplies, I can usually find what I want. However, after checking a dozen places throughout Iowa, as well as Omaha (Nebraska), for Cosmo six-strand embroidery floss by Lecien of Japan, I resorted to buying it online.

This is what arrived today, and doesn't it look yummy?! It just glistens.
This purchase is Julie's fault! She used Cosmo to stitch an adorable cushion design called "Babuska" also known as matryoshka dolls. She told me how wonderful Cosmo is to work with, doesn't knot, lays nice on the fabric... and there. I had to have it. Forty of the 443 colors are now mine.

I'll use Cosmo to stitch "Under the Sea," a free BOM being offered by Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs. The nine-month BOM began in January, but I hope to catch up.

Since I was already placing the order for Cosmo, it seemed smart to order this sale-priced palm fabric. Ya just never know when palm fabric might be needed. I'm pretty sure I have to blame this on Julie too.
If you want some Cosmo for yourself you might like to know I bought mine at Strawberry Patches in Bakersfield, California. The shop carries all the colors, and I had my order within two business days. In my book, that's great customer service.

Have a blessed Ash Wednesday.


  1. Aren't enabling friends wonderful?!

    I've never seen the Cosmo floss and would love to hear your experiences with it. The stitching BOM looks cute!

  2. There is nothing wrong with shopping aka "Retail Therapy" any time, any place and any way. It is important to keep up with technology and if you don't use it you won't learn. And look at the rewards...

  3. One of our local shops carries some of the Cosmo thread. You will like working with it. Thanks for sharing the link so when I need other colors I will know where to go.

  4. I'll take it as a compliment! After all you did get me back when mentioning another site, from which I just 'had' to place an order!! Partners in crime it would seem.


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