Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Pressie!

All the way from New South Wales, Australia, these gifties came to me! Lindi sent my prize for winning her contest, and a creative contest it was at that!

Lindi asked people to comment on her blog with a written definition for the word verification, "The funnier the better." According to Lindi, I won for the laugh factor. I left these two comments and word verification definitions:
snoli - This is what happens when you lose your footing in the snow and land on your bum. "Wow, was that a snoli!"

gessess - This is how many times I'm going to try to win your giveaway! "I'm making lots of gessess!"
Thank you, Lindi, for choosing me to win your prize. Check out these adorable pieces that simply shout "Australian." Technically, the fabric is an Aboriginal design. There's a bag that's begging to be loaded with stitchery supplies, (How did you know I just placed an order for Cosmo embroidery floss?), matching wrist pin cushion, a needle case, and a darling little ACT (artist's trading card). I love them all!
The colors are gorgeous - purple with black - and Lindi's workmanship is excellent. Gosh, she even stuck a couple needles in the needle case so I have no excuse for not doing handwork.
Thank you, Lindi, for giving away your beautiful handmade pieces. I am honored.


  1. So glad you liked them, Linda. Can't think of anyone more deserving to be spoilt. :)

  2. Congratulations. What a lovely treat when the post arrives with a parcel containing a surprise. We are never too old for surprises, don't you think?

  3. Congratulations on a lovely win!



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