Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fingers in Many Pies

My body is slowly, reluctantly, flip-flopping to US time. Gosh, I even slept in this morning until 4:00 a.m! Thankfully, my productivity levels are still running high, so I've been able to dabble in a variety of things. Perhaps it's time for me to create a WIPs (Works In Progress) blog list to hold me accountable for finishing all I've begun.

I've cut out the "Snowflake Medallion," quilt from Ballarat Patchwork in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

I'm playing catch-up with the Season of Grace BOM (Block Of the Month) "Advent Christmas Stocking" quilt by author Emilie Richards and quilter Pat Sloan. It began in February.

I'm creating a home i-Movie production, combining photos and video from our five weeks in Australia and New Zealand. "Australia Revisited" is an hour and a half long. Watch for it at your local theater.

And I'm working, writing two articles. One piece is for "Quilter's Newsletter" magazine about the February 7 Victoria, Australia bushfires, and the quiltmaking relief efforts that are underway.

These are some of the quilts that have been collected at Eaglehawk Primary School in Bendigo, Victoria.

The other piece is about New Zealand, for the travel section of the "Des Moines Register" newspaper.

New Zealand has the most magnificent, varied scenery on earth. Here we are tramping on the beautiful Franz Josef Glacier on the west coast of New Zealand's south island.

This is where I was when I tore ligaments in my knee. Five weeks ago, and it's still a swollen ouch.

Sitting in a chair to sew and write doesn't sound like a bad idea.

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  1. And you look so stoic in that photo, Linda :-)) The pain doesn't even show. You're certainly an over-achiever!


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