Saturday, April 25, 2009

Benefits of Jet Lag

While I wouldn't wish jet lag on anyone - the upside down-ness of days and nights is tough to overcome - there is one positive side to it. The inability to sleep gives one more hours to work on quilt-y things! 

For the past two nights, it's typical to fall asleep late and awake uber-early, running on less than six hours of sleep. To keep going during the day, it helps to be physically active. So, what better activity is there than to go quilt shopping?

Yesterday I went fabric shopping and there's what I purchased from two local quilt shops. Aren't they pretty?
The quilt I'm making is a pattern from Ballarat Patchwork in Victoria, Australia. The shop's owner, 33 year-old Emma, designed it. She not only owns and operates the shop, but she lives on site! I know this for a fact because I passed through Emma's kitchen and living area to see a quilt on the bed in her bedroom. How cool is that, to live at a patchwork store?! 

All the fabrics for this 80" X 80" quilt have been washed, dried, and pressed, and cutting has begun. What a good remedy for jet lag. My advice to all insomniacs: "Make quilts!"

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  1. Hi Linda, love to see how this quilt moves along - the colours are so clean and crisp - very summery. Love the fabrics


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