Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back Up from Down Under

Yep. That's a typical tourist photo. And it's one I took while in Australia where I've been for the past five weeks. You're looking at the infamous Sydney Opera House, and behind it the 1.5 mile-long Harbour Bridge that spans the Parramatta River.

I love Australia. I love Sydney. And since spending so much time there, I feel nearly as familiar with Sydney, a bustling city of 4.2 million people, as I am with Des Moines, Iowa, population 209,000!

While in Australia I drove a rental car (ask me about the terror of driving on the left side of the road) through some of Victoria that suffered in the February bush fires. It's heart-warming to see what quilters are doing to reach out to those who were touched by loss. 

Best of all, I visited family. Of course, I met some delightful, friendly quilters, and visited seven quilt shops, in Warnambool (Vic), Ballarat (Vic), Bendigo (Vic), Pennant Hills (NSW), Gladesville (NSW), and Baulkham Hills (NSW). 

And now, it's good to be safely at home. 

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  1. And thanks to the wonderful internet it still feels as if you're only a 20 minute drive away, Linda! I'm glad to see you've done just what I would have done on arriving home - blogged about it! LOL Get some rest now, be kind to yourself, and take time to recover from that jet-lag. Hogan must be delighted to have you back. There's nothing like our dogs to make us feel loved and needed.



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