Monday, July 12, 2010

A Pattern and Fabric Giveaway


This is me. Well, the lower half of me. I'm modeling the skirt I made on Saturday and wore to church Sunday. The pattern is Street Fair Skirts, designed by Marie-Madeline Studio, and made from "Zesty Zinnia" fabric by Michael Miller. I love my new skirt, and how comfortable and feminine it feels to wear.

Now, courtesy of Marie-Madeline Studio, you have a chance to win a pattern and the fabric of your choice! Yes, it's a giveaway!

You can have up to three entries. Here's how:

1. For your first entry, leave a comment telling me which one of the 15 Marie-Madeline Studio patterns you'd like to win.

2. For a second entry, just tell me a joke - a clean joke, please! Whether you have a knock-knock or a one-liner, leave the joke and punchline in a comment. We all like a good giggle, or even a good groan, if it comes to that. (Does everyone know why the chicken crossed the road?)

3. For a third entry in the giveaway, post about this giveaway on your blog, linking back to my post. Then return here and leave a comment saying you've blogged about it and where we should go have a look.

Here are a few other giveaway details:
  • This giveaway is open to everyone, wherever you are in the world. Yay! (This includes YOU, my Aussie friends!)
  • You have until midnight (Central time, USA) Saturday, July 17 to enter your comment(s).
  • Be sure your comment includes your email address, so I can tell you if you've won.
Easy-peasy, isn't it?
Now that I'm hooked on Marie-Madeline Studio patterns, I'll be making this Route 66 Skirt pattern next.

Enjoy looking through all the other Marie-Madeline Studio patterns for aprons, girls' clothing, and darling bags, totes and accessories.
If you win, these are just some of the yummy Marie-Madeline Studio fabrics you can choose!
Have fun browsing Marie-Madeline Studio website, or check out the Marie-Madeline Studio blog.

Entries/comments accepted until midnight (Central time, USA) Saturday, July 17.
Go! Browse! Comment! Win!


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Susan said...

I'd love to win the Street Fair pattern. I think I could find time to do that....

Susan Boxberger
Olathe, KS

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Oh, how exciting! I love your finished skirt, Linda! So summery and beautiful. Love the fabric!

Okay, I would probably choose the Tessa Bloomers & Bag Pattern. For the fabric (this was hard! :), I would probably choose Darla Rosie Dot Green for the bloomers and Yellow Darla Rosie Dot for the bag!

Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway!
Joyfully in Jesus,

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

All right, for my second entry my joke :)...

Q: Why did the computer technician's cheese sandwich always disappear?

A: Because his *mouse* ate it! :)


JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

I posted!
Here is the link:

Joyfully in Jesus,

lalheg said...

I love the Street Fair skirts pattern

lalheg said...

My second entry - the joke my 5 yo son stood up and told at a friend's wedding

What dog smells of onions?

A hot dog!

lalheg said...

And my final entry is on my blog here:

Linda said...

What a lovely skirt, love the fabrics you chose to use in yours.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Lovely patterns. I really like the Bianca bag.

Johanna said...

Oh my what a lovely giveaway! I love MMS! Now, if I won, I would chooses the pleated cottage apron pattern, so pretty and feminine!

Johanna said...

Ok a joke~

Why was the spider ALWAYS on the computer?

Because he liked surfing the web!!!

Johanna said...

I posted about it here~

Hannah grace said...

I would probably choose the route 66 skirt pattern.and the Robert Kaufman denim fabric.

Hannah grace said...

For a joke

what did the table say when the salt fell on it?

Help i have been a salted.

Kerry said...

Oooh! Fun skirt! :) I would probably go with the Route 66 skirt pattern. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Doris said...

I've always loved the Laraine Bag pattern! Admired that for some time now...

Doris said...

Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Violet Who?

Violet the cat out of the bag?

I have all kinds of these from my little nieces and nephews...

James-Linda said...


Carla said...

I used to sew alll my the olden days! Now, it's mostly for my grand daughters, so I would choose the Gracie Ruffled skirt pattern. Thanks for the chance to win. There are some pretty fabrics!

Carla said...

My 4 year old grand daughter, Haven, told me a joke this morning without realizing it! While I was pouring out her cheerios, she saw my Fiber One cereal and asked what it was. I said "oh, that's my cereal and you probably wouldn't like it." She said "Oh, is that what you feed mice?" Get it? She heard "my cereal" as "mice cereal". I thought it was funny, anyway!

Emily said...

Linda, your skirt is too cute! I'd love to win that same pattern.

Emily said...

Here's my joke:

What do John the Baptist and Winnie the Pooh have in common?

Their middle name!

Emily said...

Here's my post about your giveaway:

Katie said...

I would love to win the route 66 skirt pattern

James-Linda said...

JOKE: What did Santa say to the three beautiful blondes? HO HO HO

Thanks for sharing,Love,Linda

Annie said...

I found this giveaway through my friend fun! Marie-Madeline Studio is a lovely business.
I would choose the summer shade jumper pattern - so cute!! =)

Annie said...

Here's my joke...
A girl went into a library and walked straight up to the librarian's desk.
Librarian: "Uh, this is a library."
Girl: (in a hushed whisper) "Oh, I'd like a cheeseburger, fries, and a shake."

I love telling this always makes people laugh! :)

Line said...

I'd love to win the Ilsa handbag pattern!
Thanks for the chance!

Patty said...

My favorite is the Route 66 denim shirt that's shown in your post. I love long skirts.

Patty said...

I think this is so cute.
You have to stay in shape. My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is.

Patty said...

I blogged about your giveaway.

Michele said...

The summer shade jumper pattern. I can see it in so many colors and patterns...

Ellen said...

Your skirt looks lovely.
I like the tessa bloomers...for my girls..they are perfect! :)

Caroline said...

I like the Summer Shade Jumper but the Street Fair Skirt is cute too!

Nikki said...

I would probably choose the Tessa Bloomers and Bag pattern.

julie said...

I have been wanting the Bianca bag pattern for awhile now! Thanks so much!!
Julie Chhim

Abigail said...

Q:What happens when a bomb blows up in a kitchen in France?

A:You get Linoleum Blown-apart.

julie said...

Here's my joke from my 8 year old son :)
What time is it when an elephant sits on your deck?
Time to build a new deck!!


angela said...

I'd choose the Street Fair Skirt or the Tessa Bloomers and Bag pattern. I've been eyeing them for a while...

Tanya said...

I so love the street fair pattern. I've been drooling over it for some time now!

princessesindisguise said...

I would love to win the summer shade jumper pattern!

Love your skirt!

princessesindisguise at yahoo dot com

King's child said...

I would love to win the Street Fair skirt pattern.

Thank you for the giveaway!

you can contact me at


King's child said...

I'll just do a one liner 'I used to have a open mind, but my brains kept falling out'

Thanks again! :)


Kate said...

aww what a cute skirt!! I would love the summer shade jumper pattern, it's so cute!


Karen said...

Love the Chic Sisters apron, and the Tessa bloomers. And love MM too :)

Anna said...

I would be thrilled to get the Street Fair pattern. But possibly a little girl pattern for my niece... Thank you for the give away!

Karen said...

Okay - this is my daughters goofy knock knock joke...she's only 4 and we were pretty impressed when she came up with it :)

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Pencil who?
Pants'll fall down if you don't wear a belt!

Kate said...

Now for a joke:(this one works a lot better in person)


Whose there?


an interrupt..MOOOOO

Anna said...

Alright, for a second entry, a joke...

Q. Why was six afraid of seven?
A. Because seven eight (ate) nine!

Cheesy, I know. I just asked my sisters to tell me a joke, and that's the first thing they came up with...:-)

Lindi said...

Love your Street Fair skirt. I have oodles of fabric that would look good made up into that, not to mention the yummy fabrics they have in stock, so i would definitely pick it. :)

Chantel said...

I've been eying the street flair pattern ever since they came out with it, and would absolutely LOVE TO HAVE IT!! :)

Your skirt is beyond adorable. I'd be terribly tempted to just copy you, because I loooove the black and red together. Except. I don't have a cute shirt. hummm...

alaskawildrose AT gmail DOT com or through my Joy in The Journey Blog in my profile. :)

Chantel said...

A riddle, if you please:

What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the rich need it, the poor have it, and if you eat it you will die.

Apparently, this question was asked to two groups: college graduates, and first graders. Guess who won? :)

alaskawildrose AT gmail DOT com

Deb said...

OOOhhh tough choice!
Either the Street Fair or the Route 66 would be perfect - both my daughter and I could wear them... perhaps even my grad-student step-daughter would like them!

Marie said...

I would love to make the "route 66 39" (ankle length) denim skirt" ... I love ankle length denim skirts. I've made one out of two pairs of my old jeans :) Would love to make another!

barcak flock said...

nice skirt! i would try the route 55 first!

organicmommy said...

I would love the Route 66 skirt pattern!

Deb said...

Just linked to you on my sewing blog...

Hasn't been much sewing lately... have GOT to get busy with some summer projects before summer is over!

Marie said...

I blogged about this giveaway ..


Hannah said...

I LOVE Marie-Madeline Studio!!! :) I always get excited when there is a give-away from them! :D

Hmmmm....choose my favorite pattern? Impossible. :) But, to narrow it down to one, I would probably choose the ilsa handbag. Or the laraine shoulder bag.... :)

Thanks for hosting this!

-Hannah A.

(hanabana DOT al AT gmail DOT com)

Ashley Nicole said...

I would love to own the Street Fair skirt pattern. I already own the route 66 pattern, and it is one of my favorite patterns!


Hannah said...

Ok--my joke. :)

Q: Why did the teacher have her eyes crossed?

A: because she couldn't control her pupils! :)

-Hannah A.
(hanabana DOT al AT gmail DOT com)

Hannah said...

And my third comment! :) I posted on my blog:

Thanks again!!
-Hannah A.
(hanabana DOT al AT gmail DOT com)

Lindi said...

Bob and Fred were playing their weekly game of golf.
Fred said to the Bob "Isn't that a new putter?"
"Yep", said Bob.
"So what happened to the old one?" asked Fred.
Bob replied "It couldn't swim!".

Ashley Nicole said...

I blogged about your giveaway on my blog.

steadygirl said...

I like the route 66 pattern- so pretty!
brooke at richardchurch dot com

steadygirl said...

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To show the raccoons it could be done!

brooke at richardchurch dot com

Maggie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lindi said...

OK I have now blogged about it!

Samantha said...

Hmmm....tough choice but I would probably have to pick the street fair pattern.

What is brown and sticky?

A stick!


Addie said...

I would love to win the Route 66 skirt pattern.


Maggie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maggie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
emtdlb said...

Would love to try either the Route 66 pattern or the Street Fair pattern. Thanks for the chance!!!!

Kady L. said...

I would choose the Gracie Ruffle Skirt! Too cute and I have 3 girls!

Kady L. said...

knock, knock
who's there?
philip who?
philip my bag with candy!


Pilgrim Days said...

I just bought the fair street pattern so I am thinking the route 66 is next on the list. I also blogged about the giveaway.

My joke(I used to teach math):
why was 6 mad at 7?

because 7 "ate" 9

(*** groan ***)

Lily Litten said...

I would dearly love to receive the Route 66 skirt pattern, in Dottie Home Dec.


Kady L. said...

Blogged about your giveaway!

LadySnow said...

I have been wanting the Route 66 pattern for a while.

LadySnow said...

This one came from my children.

Why did the frog say "Meow"?

He wanted to learn a foreign language. :-)

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

I would like to win a Route 66 pattern! Cute skirt!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Why did the shark cross the road??
To get to the other TIDE!!

Oh groan!!!
My kids fav joke from VBS. I've heard it a few times.... =D

Samantha said...

I love the Street Fair Skirt! So pretty.

hrtzl at verizon dot net

Melinda said...

I would like the Street Fair Skirt pattern.

Shairbearg said...

I would love the ilsa handbag pattern

Shairbearg said...

I posted here:

Samantha said...


hrtzl at verizon dot net

Jenny said...

oh! street fair skirt pattern for me!

Glogirl said...

I would love to have the Bianca Handbag pattern.


Glogirl said...

Here is a silly joke:
Q: What is the fastest way to raise strawberries?
A: With a spoon!


Bethany A. said...

If I was to win, I would want the "Summer Shade Jumper Pattern". :) My email address is

And here's another entry from me:
What's a dog's favorite drink? Answer: Pupsi. :)

Anna ;o) said...

Street Fair skirt pattern, lovely!

Amanda said...

I want the route 66 pattern

Amanda said...

What do you call a fish with no eyes?
A fsh

Happy Homemaker said...

It is a toss up between the route66 skirts and the street fair skirts..Just too cute!!!I had been eying up the street fair but that was before I saw there route 66....

Sharon said...

Street Fair Skirt. I have been drooling over it for sooo long!

Happy Homemaker said...

Not really a joke but something funny my four year old son said/asked to me today. "Mommy, can I watch some TV? It is just some-not too much...because I don't want my brain to rot and my teeth to fall out." :)

Serena said...

I love both the Street Fair and Route 66 Skirts, but I think I'd go with Street Fair.

(my email is in my profile)

Happy Homemaker said...

Blogged about it here:

Serena said...

Here's a joke:
Why do women wear make-up and perfume?
Because they're ugly and they stink.

I'm not sure why, but that one cracks me up.
(My email is in my profile.)

Alanna N. said...

I LOVE Marie Madeline Studio!!! I would like to win the Street Fair Skirt Pattern. I would probably make it in the "Black and White" line or "Good Folks" line. Thanks for the giveaway!!!
Alanna N.

judys said...

What do you do all day??

A man came home from work and found his three children outside, still in their pyjamas, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and 20 wrappers strewn all around the front yard.
The door of his wife's car was open, and so the front door to the house and there was no sign of the dog. Proceeding into the entry, he found an even bigger mess. A lamp had been knocked over, and the throw rug was wadded against one wall.
In the front room the TV was loudly blaring a cartoon channel, and the family room was strewn with toys and various items of clothing.
In the kitchen, dishes filled the sink, breakfast food was spilled on the counter, the fridge door was open wide, dog food was spilled on the floor a broken glass lay under the table, and a small pile of sand was spread by the back door.
He quickly headed up the stairs, stepping over toys and more piles of clothes, looking for his wife.. He was worried she might be ill, or that something serious had happened. He was met with a small trickle of water as it made its way out the bathroom door.
As he peered inside he found wet towels, scummy soap and more toys strewn over
the floor. Miles of toilet paper lay in a heap and toothpaste had been smeared over the mirror and walls.
As he rushed to the bedroom, he found his wife still curled up in the bed in her pyjamas, reading a novel.
She looked up at him, smiled, and asked how his day went..
He looked at her bewildered and asked, 'What happened here today?'
She again smiled and answered, 'You know every day when you come home from work and you ask me what in the world I do all day?'
'Yes,' was his incredulous reply.
She answered, 'Well, today I didn't do it.'

I apologize for the length of the 'joke' but I like it!!

I really like the bag pattern called Bianca.

Peach Rainbow said...

I'd love the route 66 skirt pattern

Peach Rainbow said...

I read this long ago in a weekend paper, glad I found it in the net as well.
You might have already heard it but the first time I read it, it made me laugh till I was teary!

here goes;

Two little boys, ages 8 and 10, are excessively mischievous. They are always getting into trouble and their parents know all about it. If any mischief occurs in their town, the two boys are probably involved. The boys' mother heard that a preacher in town had been successful in disciplining children, so she asked if he would speak with her boys.

The preacher agreed, but he asked to see them individually. So the mother sent the 8 year old first, in the morning, with the older boy to see the preacher in the afternoon.

The preacher, a huge man with a booming voice, sat the younger boy down and asked him sternly, "Do you know where God is, son?"

The boy's mouth dropped open, but he made no response, sitting there wide-eyed with his mouth hanging open. So the preacher repeated the question in an even sterner tone, "Where is God?!"

Again, the boy made no attempt to answer.

The preacher raised his voice even more and shook his finger in the boy's face and bellowed, "Where is God?!"

The boy screamed & bolted from the room, ran directly home & dove into his closet, slamming the door behind him. When his older brother found him in the closet, he asked, "what happened?"

The younger brother, gasping for breath, replied, "We are in BIG trouble this time."

"GOD is missing, and they think we did it!"

Peach Rainbow said...

I blogged about it here;

Sara said...

I love the chic sisters apron pattern.

Sara said...

A joke I know is:

There are two cows in a field. one cow says to the other, "Hey, you worried about that mad cow disease going around?"

The other cow says, "What are you talking about? I'm a helicopter."

Ashley Diane said...

I would love to win the Street Fair skirt pattern!

Ashley Diane said...

Here is the joke for my second entry!

Q: where do one-legged people eat?


Thank you for having this giveaway! :)

kimO said...

Your skirt is wonderful, can't wait to see what you do with the next. Love the yellow.

The Dance with Me fabric will be adorable for my granddaughters in a skirt or bag. What a wonderful Christmas present they will be.

Jenna said...

You made a gorgeous skirt!!! I would absolutely LOVE to win, and get the bianca handbag pattern with some of the Long Ladies adorable fabric:)

Thank you so much for the entry!


Kisha said...

Oh the Summer Shade Jumper pattern would be so awesome to have....with the cute fabric from those ladies of course. Thanks.


Di said...

You've done it again, Linda - stitched up something beautiful that I would love to make too! The Street Fair skirt pattern would be perfect if I win!

Di said...

My joke is actually a series of one-liners because I couldn't choose between them :-))

A peanut walks into a police station to make a complaint claiming he was a salted.

A jump-lead walks into a bar. The barman says "I'll serve you, but don't start anything".

A sandwich walks into a bar, The barman says, "Sorry, we don't serve food in here".

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

jengi33 said...

I've been eyeing the route 66 pattern for awhile now! Please enter me!

Heather said...

anaclaire jumper pattern

Elizabeth said...

I love their Anaclaire jumper for little girls! Please enter me in the giveaway!

Di said...

Entry number 3 - I've blogged about your lovely giveaway, Linda.

Cheers, Di

mruna said...

I would like the route 66 skirt pattern!

mrunamistry at gmail dot com

mruna said...


A girl who would do anything for a mink coat...can't sew buttons on it!!!!

mrunamistry at gmail dot ocm

Olivia Howard said...

I'd love to win the Summer Shade Jumper Pattern!

The Milkmaid said...

I love mariemadeline! I already have several of their patterns. I think the next ones on my list are the Little Chic sisters apron pattern, and the Anaclaire jumper.

Heather said...

Great give-away Linda! I like the skirt pattern you made - and it looks great on you too! I also added a post at my blog about your give-away. Have a super day!

Benita said...

Your skirt looks beautiful. This is a fabulous giveaway. I'd like to win the Brooke Shoulder Bag and Shopper Pattern. Thanks so much.


Linda said...

i would like to win the Plain Jane Fuchsia prints 2 pretty

Benita said...

How do you scare a man?

Sneak up behind him and start throwing rice.


Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks said...

I think I would pick the Brooke Shoulder Bag Pattern but I'm not sure because everything is so cute!

Booklover said...

I'd love to win the Route 66 pattern! I love it!

Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks said...

I blogged about the giveaway!

Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks said...

Two psychiatrists were walking down a hall.

One turned to the other and said, "Hello."

The other one thought, "I wonder what he meant by that."

Linda said...

A country doctor went way out to the boondocks to deliver a baby.

It was so far out, there was no electricity. When the doctor arrived, no one was home except for the laboring mother and her 5-year-old child. The doctor instructed the child to hold a lantern high so he could see, while he helped the woman deliver the baby.

The child did so, the mother pushed and after a little while, the doctor lifted the newborn baby by the feet and spanked him on the bottom to get him to take his first breath.

The doctor then asked the 5-year-old what he thought of the baby.

"Hit him again," the 5-year-old said. "He shouldn't have crawled up there in the first place!"

lyromero77 @ gmail dot com

Cathy said...

Ooooh, that's tough! The aprons are SO cute. I think I'd go for the Route 66 pattern though, and make myself and my oldest daughter some more skirts!

Cathy said...

A joke from my dd's science book:

Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Dr. Watson go on a camping trip. They find a beautiful spot and set up their tent. After a full day of enjoying nature, they go into their tent and fall asleep. Some hours later, Holmes wakes Dr. Watson and says, "Look up at the sky and tell me what you see." Watson is awestruck. After a moment, he says, "I see countless stars." Mr. Holmes replies, "What does that tell you?" Watson considers for a moment and says, "It tells me that the universe is vast, and it will probably take us several lifetimes to gain even a small amount of understanding as to how it functions and what our place is in it." Mr. Holmes asks, "Anything else?" Mr. Watson thinks for a moment and says, "Based on the position of the stars, I would say it is approximately two o'clock in the morning." Once again, Mr. Holmes asks, "Anything else?" Desperate now, Watson replies, "Because the sky is so clear, we will probably have a beautiful day tomorrow." Once again, Mr. Holmes asks, "Anything else?" Frustrated, Mr. Watson says, "I can't think of anything else. What does it tell YOU?" Holmes is silent for a moment and then says , "Elementary, my dear Watson. Someone has stolen our tent."


MaryEllen@TheDealScoop said...

I think the Street Fair pattern is my favorite

thedealscoop @ yahoo . com

MaryEllen@TheDealScoop said...


I always wondered why a frisbee gets bigger the closer it gets to you. Then it hit me.

thedealscoop @ yahoo . com

Our Busy Little Bunch said...

The Ilsa handbag is my favorite - I would LOVE to make that! Cute patterns for girl clothes too! Thanks for the chance!

Our Busy Little Bunch said...

One day the school principal was talking to Little Johnny's teacher about his behavior, when all of a sudden Johnny comes running down the hallway. The principal stops Johnny and asks him, why are you running? Little Johnny says; I’m keeping two kids from fighting, sir. Who? ask the principal. Me and the kid chasing me; and off he went.


Carolyn said...

I would make the Frilly Fandango apron.

musicmaiden said...

I think I'd have to go with the Street Fair skirt pattern. It's hard to get A-line skirts just right!

musicmaiden said...

Since I am a blonde, I have blonde jokes in abundance ... this one is my Mom's favorite.

A blonde walked into the library and said "I'd like a Big Mac, a large fry, and a Coke."

The librarian, surprised, stammered, "Well, ma'am ... this is the library."

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry!" said the blonde.

Then she whispered, "I'd like a Big Mac, a large fry, and a Coke."

sy said...

i love the bianca handbag pattern. thanks for hosting the giveaway.

Dinner Woman said...

I'm particularly fond of the anaclaire jumper pattern. There's a little girl at church I would just love to make this for.

I forgot my email address:

Elissa said...

What a fun give-away! I just love the Route 66 skirt, so that would be my top pick!!


Elissa said...

Okay, here's my second entry! My favorite joke! :)

Q: Why did the blonde get fired from the M&M factory?

A: She was throwing out the Ws!

That one always makes me giggle!

Jasmine said...

Wow I love the skirt!
I'd really like to enter this competition, please!

I'd like to win the Bianca Bag pattern.. it's gorgeous!

I have one terrible joke for you.. what happened when the frogs car broke down?.. It got toad away!! LOL

I've made a new blog post about your giveaway here

Thanks for giving us the chance to win! Jasmine -

Kira said...

I am stuck somewhere between the Route 66 skirt and the cottage apron.

Marcia said...

My favorite pattern is Route 66 skirt. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Marcia said...

Here is the joke. My mother was wearing a bandana to keep sweat out of her eyes while working in the yard. My niece dropped off my grandniece for babysitting. The little one looked at my mother and very very seriously said, "Grandma, are you a piiiiii-wrat". It was hilarious and all we could do to not lol. My mother is a petite white haired 80-year old and certainly not a pirate.

Hannah said...

I'd love to win the Tessa bloomer pattern! So cute for my girls!

Hannah said...

Second entry - why did the banana go to the doctor?

Answer: Because he wasn't peeling well.

Hannah said...

Oops, I guess I didn't read all the instructions. I'd like the Street Fair pattern, and the Darla Rose aqua!

Hannah said...

Also I posted about this.

McKee Family said...

I like the street fair skirts pattern- they would liven up my pallet! =)

McKee Family said...

I put it on my blog! =)

McKee Family said...

This one is really fun to teach children:
-Who's there?
-Who's there?
-Who's there?
-Who's there?
-Orange who?
Orange you glad I did not say banana again?! =)

Spamgirl @ said...


The pattern I'd like to win is the route 66 skirt pattern.

Thank you!

Spamgirl @ said...

What's the difference between a woman jogger and a sewing machine?

A sewing machine only has one bobbin.

Spamgirl @ said...


I blogged your contest: . Thank you! said...

Your skirt is cute--I love the colors and print you chose. If I won the giveaway, I would like the Route 66 pattern. said...

What was the very first palindrome spoken in history?

"Madam, I'm Adam."

And the second?


The third?



TraditionalMum said...

I would like to win the route 66 skirt pattern. Thanks for this great giveaway!

MelissaStuff said...

Route 66 Skirt

mmorr852 at hotmail dot com

MelissaStuff said...

knock, knock

who's there?


Boo Who?

Don't cry.

Kerry said...

I'd love to win the Route 66 Skirt pattern. Thanks so much for such a generous give away, Linda.

Kerry said...

The Biggest Lie

Two boys were arguing when the teacher entered the room.

The teacher said, "Why are you arguing"?

One boy answered,
"We found a ten dollar bill
and decided to give it to whoever tells the biggest lie."

"You should be ashamed of yourselves,"
said the teacher.
"When I was your age,
I didn't even know what a lie was."

The boys gave the ten dollars to the teacher.

Carrie P. said...

fun giveaway. I love the skirt you made so I choose that pattern:Street fair skirt. I be you got a lot of great comments on your skirt. Very cute.

Carrie P. said...

I can only remember one knock,knock joke. Here it is.

who's there?
Dwayne who?
Dwayne the tub, I'm drowning!!

Silly, I know.

SummersDesigns said...

I would love to have the anaclaire jumper pattern, it looks really cute. Thanks!

Deborah A said...

After seeing your finished skirt I must say that I too would love to try the Street Fair skirt pattern. I could envision it in many different fabric combos - oh to have a new summer skirt ... Sadly, I don't have any funny crack you up jokes that come to mind at this moment.

carmel said...

i like the laraine shoulder bag patternso nice!!

carmel said...

and i blogged about it on my sidebar

Deb said...

After checking out all the patterns, I think the Street Fair skirt pattern is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!
debgiro at wildblue dot net

Deb said...

Second entry joke:
A blonde cop stops blonde motorist and asks for her driving license.

The Motorist scuffles around in her purse and can't find it. She says to the cop, "I must have left it at home officer."

The cop says, "Well, do you have any kind of identification?" The motorist scuffles around in her purse again, and finds a pocket mirror.

She looks at it and says to the cop, "All I have is this picture of myself." The cop says, "Let me see it, then." So the blonde motorist gives the mirror to the blonde cop, who looks at it, and replies, "Well, if I had known you were a police officer, I wouldn't have even pulled you over. You can go now."

Perfect Blue Moon said...

WoW! I absolutely love the Ava Rose! Gorgeous!


Perfect Blue Moon said...

Clean Joke, omgoodness, I feel so bad, I can't think of anything clean! okok um, I have a riddle! The person who made it doesn't want it, the person who buys it doesn't need it, and the person who has it doesn't know it... A coffin!


mframe said...

I would choose the anaclaire jumper pattern.

SewMentalMama said...

Tha 'anaclaire jumper pattern' is my favourite.

SewMentalMama said...

And the joke!
Why did the orange go to the doctor?

It wasn't peeling well!

(I know, there's no excuse for how bad that is!)


Kristen said...

Love the Street Fair pattern - yours turned out so lovely! I'm very glad to have found your blog, and thank you for the entry in your giveaway. :)

Kristen said...

I'm sorry - I forgot to add my joke for an extra entry:

There were three men on a hill with their watches.

The first man threw his watch down the hill and it broke.

The second man threw his watch down the hill and it broke.

The third man threw his watch down the hill, walked all the way to the bottom, and caught it.

The other two men were puzzled and asked the third man how he did it.

The third man said, "Easy. My watch is 5 minutes slow!"

Tara Jeles said...

I really like the gracie ruffle skirt pattern for little little one would love it.

Jackie said...

i would love to win the bianca handbag pattern

Jackie said...

knock knock?
whos there?
amos who?
amos quito

Jackie said...

i blogged about y giveaway here

Laura Elizabeth said...

I would love the route 66 skirt pattern.

Laura Elizabeth

Laura Elizabeth said...

Knock Knock
Who's there
Fanny who
These jokes aren't very fanny.

Laura Elizabeth

Laura Elizabeth said...

I posted about it here:

Laura Elizabeth

Julia said...

I would love to win the gracie ruffle skirt pattern! I think it is SO cute!

Thanks for such a great give a way!

MaddyMazeStudio said...

I really like the Street Fair Skirt pattern. I am 45 and I think it would look good even on me! LOL

The Mold-ee :) said...

The picture of the skirt you made is lovely! The pattern I'd like to try and win is the "Summer Shade Jumper Pattern," though. :) Thank you for considering me!

The Mold-ee :) said...

By the way, I just posted a blog entry on my blog about your lovely contest! My blog is Thanks!

quiltmom said...

Very pretty fabrics, Linda- Someone is going to cheer when they win your giveaway.

Miss Antoinette K. said...

I would LOVE to enter your giveaway! I would like to win the "Street Fair Skirt" Pattern I have wanted ti for a while now and would love to win it! I am not sure what fabric i would choose yet as they have so many I LOVE!

Here is my e-mail if I win:

Many blessings,

Miss Antoinette

Miss Antoinette K. said...

Ok, now for my joke, well it is a sweet video I want to share with you that you can see here:


Miss Antoinette

cinzia said...

Hi Linda,
great give away and didn't your skirt turn out beautifully.

Some lovely patterns on Maria-Madelaine's site and hard to choose but finally decided that my favourite is Laraine shoulder bag as that is such an unusual closure.

I was going to post a link on my blog but as I haven't updated it literally for months I am positive no one is following it at present.

cinzia said...

Hope you like my joke...

A new Woolworths Supermarket opened in Adelaide, SA. It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the distant sound of thunder and the smell of fresh rain.

When you pass the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and you experience the scent of fresh cut hay.

In the meat department there is the aroma of charcoal grilled steaks and chops.

In the liquor department, the fresh, clean, crispsmell of a Carlton Draught.

When you approach the egg case, you hear hens cluck and cackle and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying.

The bread department features the tantalizing smell of fresh baked bread & cookies.

I don't buy toilet paper there anymore. said...

Hi Linda
My favourite pattern is "laraine shoulder bag pattern".

Ozjane said...

That route 66 skirt looks very tempting to make.

Marianne said...

I Love the Frilly Fandango Apron!
My DB and DSIL adore the 50's, they are doing their house 50's style, and Mandy would love this apron.


amy said...

Hi! I would really like to be entered in your give-away. I think I would probably choose the street fair skirt pattern (though it's a hard desicion!).


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