Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Finish

It didn't take much time spent free-motion quilting for me to figure out I love my new Pfaff Grand Quilter. It's going to see a lot of use!

I used Superior variegated rayon thread in the top and 50-weight Aurifil in the bobbin to quilt this 44" x 56" quilt.
Though I quilted a pretty simple design, it was the perfect pattern with which to familiarize myself with the Pfaff - how it feels - and to work out the proper rhythm.
It's kinda like riding a new bicycle. You already know how to ride one, but you need to feel comfortable on the seat, changing gears, and controlling the brake!
I'll say that it did feel different than quilting on my Bernina, and certainly that's attributable to the Pfaff being an industrial machine. But the difference is definitely in a good way. I seemed to be able to manage the quilt much better, with less hand and quilt repositioning. That surely has much to do with the extra 1-1/2" of throat space. I never would have believed such a small amount of additional space would give me so much more control.
For the first time, I think I am actually looking forward to free-motion quilting, a step in quiltmaking process I usually dread. Gosh, I'm even planning and anticipating quilting the next quilt!
As always, I think spiral binding adds pizazz to the outside of a quilt, especially when the fabrics are vibrant colors.
The quilt back.

On another note... Friday morning I drove about 20 miles north to attend a small quilt show. Of course, I couldn't leave without strolling through vendor booths. I was surely grinning like a fool when I saw this booth, filled with patterns from Australian quilt and stitchery designers! Here are patterns from Kellie Wulfsohn of Don't Look Now.
I also saw patterns by Melly & Me, Janelle Wind Collection, Cinderberry Stitches, and Rosalie Quinlan, among others. These are all sold by Treasured Threads, a company based right here in Iowa! I actually found a $14.50 pattern I purchase for $16 in Australia in May. How could I have known?

Please be sure to visit again sometime this coming week. Here's a big hint why...

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Elyte said...

Great quilt Linda, happy, bright and colourful. Love the yellow duck in the middle. I have a Bernina that I love but if the truth be told it is a little cramped if I am quilting larger items. At the moment I can live with that as I am concentrating on smaller projects. Don't we always pay more for everything down under?

Unknown said...

Well aren't you the lucky duck with a new machine. I'd love a machine with the wider throat. Great find on the patterns.

Carla said...

The quilt turned out so that going to be for the new grandbaby? I'm so glad that you enjoyed quilting so much on your new machine...sounds a lot like my love affair with my Juki. Now all you need is a Grace frame to put it on and you will fly through the quilting!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I love Kellie's patterns! One day, I'm going to make one of her projects. The problem? Deciding which one!

Your quilt came out beautifully. I like the binding too. I'm glad you are enjoying your PGQ!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love your quilt....have fun with your machine...

Julia said...

Great quilt Linda, happy and bright...looks like you have the machine worked out real well.
Isn't it nice to see patterns of girls you know through blogging..
Julia ♥

Marlene said...

Love your quilt Linda and your free motion quilting looks great.One for the grandchildren?

Julie said...

Fabulous Linda! I love the quilting pattern, you have inspired me yet again!

Selvage Quilter said...

What a beautiful quilt!!


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