Friday, July 16, 2010

Giveaway Winner Announced

The true random number generator picked the giveaway winner.
The 126th comment came from blogless Linda (I am completely impartial, even to other Lindas!) of Cudahy, California, who will choose her favorite Marie-Madeline Studio pattern and fabric. Congratulations to her!

This week, while you were entering this giveaway, I sewed the Marie-Madeline Studio Route 66 skirt pattern. (Note: This pattern is on sale right now.) To be perfectly honest, I struggled to choose three fabrics that I thought would look nice together.

I began with this (at left). Several people liked it, including the lovely ladies at Marie-Madeline Studio, but I knew I wouldn't be comfortable wearing so much pattern. That's just me.

When I auditioned a more subdued fabric to replace the blue stripe, I was much happier with it.

This morning I wore my skirt to church and heard several nice compliments.
I really like this pattern: how fast it is to make; how well it fits (size 6 for me); and how feminine I feel wearing it. I'll definitely be making this one again and have been considering cutting the 12 gores from old, saved blue jeans.

Thank you all for entering my giveaway, and for your jokes and one-liners. You should have seen - and heard - me reading them. I had some out-loud chuckles, many big grins, and a few groans. I'll share some of these funnies with you in future blog posts. Thank so much, everyone! Special thanks to Marie-Madeline Studio. It was a blast!


  1. I'm generally not a fan of yellow but I love your fabric selection in the 2nd skirt. The fabrics really work together. A skirt made out of recycled jeans would be neat too but not cool in terms of temperature. Jeans are so hot!

  2. I really love the way your new skirt has turned out in those fabrics (great sandals too!). No wonder folk complimented you. They'll all be waiting for next week's new skirt! Congratulations to blogless Linda for winning the pattern.

  3. Your skirt is wonderful, and I'm with you, I like your second choice too.

  4. Oh, your new Route 66 skirt is simply delightful! I love the fabrics you choose. Once I am in Ladies sizes, I can't wait to sew a Route 66 Skirt! :)
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    Joyfully in Jesus,


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