Monday, July 19, 2010


This is the week we've been waiting for. Our daughter Jill, and her family are moving back to the US! This is the first time in five years Jill has lived in the states. She left the US single and is returning a wife, and a mother with two children... and another on the way.

Until they buy a car and find a place to live (in Kansas City), the family be staying with us for several weeks. That means my blog posts may be a smidgen less about my "flourishing palms." I intend to spend as much time as possible with them, giving particular attention to hugging, snuggling and playing with Celina and Tay. I can't wait to get my hands on these two sweeties!

They will arrive here after having sold all their belongings; packed and sent only three boxes of stuff here; lived in temporary, furnished housing in Sydney (Australia); and been in transit for 40 hours, including an overnight in Los Angeles. All that followed by the big adjustment to the 15-hour time difference.

In anticipation of Tay being understandably unsettled by the time he gets to our house, Jill asked if I would sew a "lovey" for him. Her idea is to have a little something, other than his thumb, that he can use to comfort himself. She wanted a lovey that was inexpensive, and could be made in multiples so they'd never be without one.

The 16" X 16" loveys I made aren't much in the way of cuteness, but are all about being tactile. One side is a brown, corduroy-looking Minky-type fabric - soft with a plush, directional nap. The other side is ivory flannel. It's bound with satin binding. Cutting and sewing them was a mess with lots of ravelings and fuzzies all over my sewing area.
Satin binding isn't fun to sew either. But since I'm in the habit of binding quilts with machine-sewn mitered corners, (refer to my binding tutorial), I did the same with these loveys. They should be durable through repeated machine washings.

Now, four loveys are awaiting Tay's arrival.
While I spent several hours sewing loveys, Mr. FP was outdoors in 90-degree heat putting a new rim and net on our long unused basketball hoop. A new basketball is waiting for Celina's arrival.
We have heaps of anticipation at our house!

I'll conclude this post with one of the many funnies I received as comments in my recent giveaway. Spamgirl left a sewing-related joke.
  • What's the difference between a woman jogger and a sewing machine?
  • A sewing machine has only one bobbin.


  1. How exciting! I couldn't resist just one last text to Jill last night, as they were waiting at the airport, to say goodbye. You have made everything so welcoming at your end (love the loveys!). I predict many (happy) tears, and lots of laughter and hugs!

  2. I know you'll enjoy this precious time with your sweet grandchildren!

  3. You have been so lucky this year to spend so much time with all your grandchildren. Those "loveys" look so welcoming I hope they do the job.
    So much better to have your family on the same continent, even if there is still some distance between you all.

  4. Such beautiful children. Won't be long now!! I think Leah's bump needs some loveys, got just the stuff too!

  5. Hi Linda, I'm so glad of you and maybe we'll find once some time to skype again. Hug them all from me. I'm lucky for you to have your family not that far away anymore.

  6. How exciting! And perhaps we could get together! :)


  7. How exciting for you! I'm so happy they're finally moving back! We're getting set for a little jaunt to Iowa this weekend to participate in the BIX7 with stops in Cedar Rapids on the way there and back!

  8. How exciting. Sounds like a long ordeal for the family. Won't it be nice to have them there for awhile! I adore the loveys you've made.

  9. Oh, congratulations! I know you have been waiting a while for this to happen.
    Tay will love his "loveys"
    Wow, the couple sure did simplify by selling most of their stuff. They will have fun shopping.

  10. Congratulations on getting your family back home. I know it will be an adjustment for all of you - but love will abound and you'll work it all out. The lovelys look great.

  11. Fun! I can only imagine what a joyful reunion you all are going to have.

  12. I'm so glad that you will have the family in arm's reach for a while! Hold them close ~

  13. Your grandchildren are gorgeous!! I bet you are enjoying nana time once more, Linda!! \o/


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