Sunday, December 27, 2009

About Children

Today my baby, Brent, is 30 years old. This photo of Brent and Lyn was taken at a koala park on the north side of Sydney, during their recent visit to Australia. Lyn's petting a koala.Brent's going to be a dad himself on or around May 1. And, he's going to be great at it! Here he's entertaining his nephew, our grandson, Tay.
And Lyn will be a wonderful mom. This is a favorite picture...
Tay "meeting," up close, his male cousin. They'll be seven months apart in age. I can already imagine Christmas 2010. It will be wonderful!
Aren't I just the most fortunate mom and Nana?


  1. Your baby does not look 30!

    I, too, love the picture of your daughter in law holding your grandson!

  2. Great photos. Do both your children live in Australia or was your son just visiting?

  3. lovely photos. But I can't wait to see the ones you show Christmas 2010, Happy New Year.

  4. You sure are! But they are blessed to have such a doting mom and nanna too. What a wonderful year you will have!

  5. Your baby looks so much like his mother it is amazing....I too love the photo of Lyn and Tay. 2010 is going to be a wonderful one for all of you.

  6. Christmas 2010 will be super special!
    Lovely, loving photos.

  7. Children sure do change a life. Sweet pictures. Yes, Christmas next year will be so fun with little ones again.

  8. Congratulations on the grandchild to be. I am getting one too!!! It will be a fun Christmas in 2010.



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