Friday, December 11, 2009

Stunning Stable Bag

This "Stunning Stable Bag" tote is one I'd admired on Julie's blog, so I was happy to get the pattern while in Australia.

Since I intend to use it for stitcheries and other traveling hand projects, I wanted to make it with colorful fabric.
I was attracted to the pattern because of the way each end draws up...
...and then opens out for a good look at what's inside.
There's no doubt it will hold a lot of stuff! But like Julie, I "struggled with the instructions." Being a pattern-writer myself, if there's one thing I know for sure, pattern instructions must be tested by an objective sew-er.

For the amount charged for this pattern, designers at Village Quilt and Patchwork Shop (Australia) would be smart to re-write these instructions: add omitted information; and replace hand-drawn diagrams with clear computer-generated diagrams.

Poor pattern instructions aside, it's a clever design, and I'm glad I made the effort to complete it.


  1. Linda, thats a great wonderful bag and you know I love bags!

  2. I agree entirely with you on your comments, Linda. I once told the writer of the pattern that the instructions were hard to follow and she told me how others had said they were easy to follow! It's a beautiful bag though - I've made one but have never been game to attempt another!

  3. Love your Stable Bag Linda! Ditto on your comments!!!!

  4. Great bag, Linda! I'll just add it to my ever-growing list of "must makes" LOL.

  5. Your bag is gorgeous!

    A quilting teacher told me earlier this year that Eleanor Burn's patterns are used all over the world - because you don't need to be able to read english to know what to do. I NEED diagrams with my pattern instructions. I'm glad you figured it all out. The end product is wonderful!

  6. Great bag even though the instructions might not have been. That is too bad. I have read where other bloggers have had problems with patterns.

  7. super bag... agree completely with your comments re instructions. Maybe thats why I never made it.

  8. Wow Linda, that bag is stunning.

    Congrats on finishing it. I know of others who have it on the UFO list.

    It's sad but people have been complaining about that pattern being poorly written for years.

  9. I had a workshop with the designers of the stable bag to make mine, boy, it was a busy day. I love the bag a lot for the room in it but I know what you mean about instructions. Did you know there are heaps of size variations on this pattern since they bought out the original?


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