Monday, December 21, 2009

Walk with Us

On a clear, sunny, cold morning (8F, -13C), Hogan and I walked at our favorite place, Raccoon River Park. You may remember my May "Walk in the Woods" blog post about this place. From then to now, the area looks a whole lot different!
Hogan's all set to go.
And so am I. (How embarrassing...)
Speculating that the ruts in the trail have been made by a motorized vehicle for the benefit of cross-country skiers, we generally walk in those. Though Hogan loves the cold and snow, he too prefers to run in the compressed snow.

How cold it looks, and feels, with the sun glistening across the icy lake!
Sorta defeating the purpose for being outside, Hogan loves to eat chunks of snow.

An hour spent doing this is okay when going back home means warmth, food, and - for me, sewing time.


  1. Wow, it does look different in the winter! One of my favorite places to walk, but I'm wimpy about getting out in the winter. I did the treadmill at lunchtime today!

  2. Those pics and footage make me wish I lived there! Especially now, with all the heat we have been getting. You did well, to leave Sydney when you did! :)

  3. I love the sun and the snow together! Add a pup and it's just perfect!!!

  4. It is amazing how snow can change the landscape. I love snow. Merry Christmas.

  5. Hogan is such a wag Linda, did you get a big doggy kiss at the end of that first video? The look in his eye says you did.

    Hope you and yours have an amazing Christmas



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