Thursday, February 8, 2024

Gearing Up

Days are passing fast and furiously, and I'm trying to keep activities and preparations in order.

I'll be leading our Central Florida MQG meeting this Saturday morning. The following week I'm giving a  Big Stitch Quilting and More program to members of the Sarasota MQG.

Then there's QuiltCon, with supplies to pull together for two workshops: Improv Tiny Piecing with Jo Avery @joaverystitch and Large Scale Minimal Improv with Ashelyn Downs @urbamdwellstudio While I have lots of small fabric bits for Jo's workshop, I have a limited stash of "woven fabrics" needed for Ashelyn's workshop. I'll fill in the gaps at QuiltCon vendor booths.

I've prepped gifts for friends I'll see at QuiltCon. I had fun choosing fabrics to make 15 eyeglass cases using this tutorial by Quilters Candy

Progressing on my Prudence quilt, I hand-appliqued the quilt center onto four borders. 

After much angst, consulting with friends, and a FaceTime with Candi @candipursuits for final input, I settled on this tone-on-tone black print for borders. Though some quiltmakers suggested I go with another color - most were fond of a solid deep burgundy/merlot color - I would have had to buy fabric, which is something I really don't want to do. So, I went with what I had. 

The Prudence quilt top measures 58" X 58", and I'm satisfied with it. Coming up with a backing from stash will be my next challenge! I'll definitely need to cobble together different prints.
Prudence quilt top, 58" x 58"

Book Recommendations
Matrix by Lauren Groff was recommended by author Ann Patchett in a @parnassusbooks Instagram video.

The story spans the late 1100 to early 1200s, relating the life of Marie, the product of rape by a nobleman. Marie is physically a giantess among her peers, and has no prospects for a match, so Eleanor, queen of the royal court, sends Marie to an impoverished abbey in England. There, Marie is forced to accept her circumstances. She rises to challenges, embraces the faith, and documents visions sent by the Holy Mother. She turns the abbey from impoverished to flourishing.

This was a disappointing listen. Some references to events and documents were obscure, and I didn't care for explicit descriptions of relationships among some of the nuns. 
Linda's score: 3.4/5.0

The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth is an older title about a 38 year old woman with early onset Alzheimer's disease. Anne knows she will succumb to it because it's the same disease her mother had. Though Anne is a skilled paramedic, a number of signs indicate she's beginning to lose thoughts, and she doesn't want to endanger people in her care.

Her brother and his family take her in, but soon Anne reluctantly agrees that moving into a 12-person private residence called Rosalind House, will provide the reliable care she needs. There she meets Luke, another young person with a similar diagnosis.

Due to her husband's public Ponzi scheme, Eve and her seven year-old daughter must find a new place to live. Though Eve is a trained culinary chef, she takes the job of cook and housekeeper at Rosalind house because it's in her daughter's school district. Eve and her daughter makes friends, and Eve observes a special relationship between Anne and Luke - one that their families want to stop. Yet Eve recognizes that as their conditions progress, Anne and Luke increasingly need each other. 

I appreciated listening to this book because of its relevance to people I've met or know who have dementia/Alzheimer's disease. It gave me insight into how the disease progresses, and its ramifications on families and the patient.

Linda's score: 4.2/5.0

First Lie Wins
 by Ashley Elston is a fast-paced story that begins with Evie's relationship with her boyfriend Jake, and the fact that she's is living a lie. While she's fallen for Jake, he's also her mark - she's supposed to find out more about a business he's running, one other than his public position as a financial investor. 

As Evie looks back on her career of stealing items and secrets, her story is revealed through several aliases she's used, and places she's lived. Since her mother's death, no one knows she's really Lucca Marino. So when Evie meets another woman who introduces herself as Lucca Marino, Evie is shocked and scared. Could her boss, Mr. Smith, be communicating something to her? It's time for Evie to find out who Mr. Smith really is, and why he's insistent that she has information she's keeping from him - vital information that he wants. As Evie is keeping her true identity secret, she's also wondering how much Jake knows and isn't admitting. 
This story was engaging, and kept me wondering. When it was over, I continued to think about the interconnections. How in the world did the author put together such a story? It had to have been "assembled backward" to make it work! 

Linda's score: 4.2/5.0

Wednesday evening a friend and I went to the local movie theater to see the first three episodes of Season Four of The Chosen. Except for a five minute intermission, we were in our seats from 3 to 6:50 PM. 

My goodness! The episodes were incredible, with really thought-provoking lessons for believers in Jesus. I especially appreciated how each episode begins with a short Old Testament incident (like David and Bathsheba, just as their infant son has died), and related it to the New Testament story. It was extremely impactful.

If you can't get to a movie theater to watch The Chosen now, be sure to look for it when it's released!

Simply download the free The Chosen app. Then start watching the first three seasons for free! I highly recommend them! Last year I was in a virtual three session Bible study about them and can't recommend them highly enough. Season four will soon be available on the app too. 

Today I power-walked four miles, and really enjoyed the weather. February in Florida - 70F with 52% humidity. Perfect!


  1. From tiny piecing to large-scale, you've got the bases covered at Quilt Con! And lots to do before you go. Cute glasses cases- they'll be a hit. Exciting days ahead.

  2. Your Prudence quilt looks very good to me. I'm not sure I would have liked a burgundy better.
    I have been watching The Chosen too. Can't wait to see the 4th season. I will wait until it's released to DVDs again. I heard Season 4 is amazing at the theaters. Dar in Mo.

  3. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast TexasFebruary 9, 2024 at 5:16 AM

    Prudence is awesome 👏! Love all the bright colors against the black. I’m going to make some of those eyeglass cases, very cute and great gifts! I would use one for my rotary cutter 😻

    1. Thank you Pamela! I'm glad to receive your affirmation that black is the right color for the border of Prudence. I agree that the eyeglass cases make great gifts. At my age, and the ages of many of my friends, there are usually readers or sunglasses that need a case. My only concern is that if anyone has oversized sunglasses, they won't fit. The tutorial does offer measurements to make them in a larger size though. Great idea for a rotary cutter too! I'll mention that to friends, especially those who may be reluctant to take an eyeglass case because they don't need one.

  4. Your Prudence quilt set on black is gorgeous!

  5. I really like the idea of placing the Prudence top on the black borders. I have a Grandmothers Flower Garden top my Mom made years ago and I wonder if that would work for its borders? Did you turn under the edges or is raw edge? It’s hard to see in the photos. Any details of your process would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I loved watching the life of your beautiful palm tree! Thank you!

    1. I didn’t mean to publish as anonymous, I’m Cindy Pilkington in St. Augustine.

  6. Ha! Just finished listening to First Lie Wins yesterday while sitting on my cruise ship balcony watching the sea frolic.

  7. Amazing progress on your Prudence quilt. So do you quilt this 'top' like you normally would?

  8. I love the black border finish on the quilt. It looks great. They eyeglass cases are fun and will be appreciated.

  9. Linda, I just love your Prudence Quilt and the black border is absolutely perfect!

  10. Your Prudence quilt is so colorful and fun! I like that you used what you had rather than buying another fabric for the border--it looks great! Fun, fun glasses cases! How did you like The Chosen? Did you catch Dallas' livestream where he had some explaining to do?! I thought that was helpful.

  11. I do love how your prudence quilt pops on that black background! It looks gorgeous! Looks like you have been quite productive and a busy month ahead for you! See you soon 🤗

  12. I echo Candi's comment on the black border for the Prudence quilt - it's perfect (even more perfect as it came from your stash!).

  13. Love how Prudence turned out. Eye candy for sure. I hope you enjoy your QuiltCon experience and classes. Look forward to hearing all about it afterwards. I'm also looking forward to seeing season 4 of The Chosen. It's such a well done series.


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