Tuesday, February 21, 2023

QuiltCon... Go!

In my last post I mentioned that I decided I needed a new shoulder bag for QuiltCon. That happened last Tuesday when friend Debbie S. at Big Cypress Quilters shared with me her good-looking, very practical bag. I decided on the spot I needed one too. When I got home, I bought the pattern online, and promptly printed 40-plus pages of instructions. 

This is the Traudy Triangular Shoulder Bag by Oro Rosa Patterns, a Canadian company. Because time was of the essence, I had to stick strictly with my stash. It wasn't easy to come up with the yardage and hardware needed to make it! 

I didn't have 1 yard of 54"-wide vinyl, so I cobbled together two pieces of leftover vinyl (from making wristlets) to come up with a front and back. Then I chose an Alison Glass print for the in-between sections.

This pattern is not for the faint of heart! The designer says it's for an "adventurous intermediate." I concur! The key to success is labeling all the parts, and keeping the labels on until the end. 

I had to make two trips to shops to get the proper interfacing (including Pellon Decovil Light, which I'd never heard of or used) and hardware. I have now ordered all the vinyl and hardware to make another ba. , Because I won't have grommet installation tools until that order arrives, I visited Debbie where her husband did that bit for me. 

I'm not particularly in love with my bag, mostly because of the colors, but the style of it, with two large zipper pockets, and an interior zipper pocket and slip pocket, will suit my needs. 

QuiltCon is celebrating ten years - the first show was in 2013 in Austin, Texas - and has invited members to post and share pictures from previous years. It was a fun look back through my pictures, and makes me all the more grateful about being able to attend, and have quilts in shows  - a total of 13 quilts juried into six QuiltCons. 

After perusing the QuiltCon vendor list, and thinking of solid fabric colors and thread colors I might want, I inventoried my solids, most of which are Painter's Palette by Paintbrush Studios. 

Getting pieces organized (again) was a good exercise, and helped me identify a few holes. 

And take a look at this! Yep, that's a 2.5 pound bag of spice drops! Incredible, right? These were delivered Monday and were such a surprise because the last communication from Amazon said my order (placed December 19) had been damaged and I'd receive a refund. It appears that gave my order to another supplier because Mother Bear's Candy in Pennsylvania fulfilled the order. Yay! And oh my goodness, they they taste really good! They're the best spice drops I've ever eaten. 

Now that all's right with the world, and spice drops are in my suitcase, I'm ready for QuiltCon! Linda


  1. I love your colors in your new bag and all of your quilts, what beautiful solids! Now I want some spice drops 😋

  2. Haha!!! Great you finally got your ordered spice drops!!! That bag looks legit! I'm sure it'll grow on you! Have fun at QC!!!

  3. I love your bag and the choice of fabrics! Have a very nice quiltcon :-) I dream when I see your solid fabrics!!!

  4. I have been following your spice drop saga so I am happy all ends well. They are as colorful as your collection of Painter's Palette Ha!ha! Enjoy QuiltCon2023!

  5. Nice seeing all your wonderful work again. Glad you got your spice drops.

  6. The spice drops are here!! The spice drops are here!! Happy day. OK now, the 40 pages of instructions might have stopped me in my tracks. But kudos to you for digging into your stash to come up with all the pieces and parts. It will be quite suitable to carry at a quilt show. Enjoy!

  7. Congratulations on all your QuiltCon entries. I especially love all the wonderful color in this year’s entry.

  8. Such a fun post Linda! I enjoy seeing all the quilts and people and purchases! I might just have to replicate your thread restock. I started Kawandi after seeing your first version and took one of the online classes a few months later. I am just now finishing my first. I love the stitching but got totally bogged down in how to layer the rows easily. Always seemed to be a raw edge on the wrong side or a line if stitching in the wrong place to capture the fold. Think I need to start smaller… or maybe that would have made it worst!


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