Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Going at a Trot

Time and activities seem to be speeding-up as QuiltCon approaches. One week to go.

Yesterday, QuiltCon emailed MQG members about the upcoming show. A quilter-friend point out that my 2019 Temperature Quilt is in the photo - lower right. I had missed that!

In the sewing room...

I made February's Dreamlines "dot" strips. These are the smaller-sized ones I made improv style, following instructions by Brenda Gael Smith. February strips are on the left - the yellow and grape-colored ones with bits of black and white striped fabric as "dots." Pink and yellow strips at the top and right are January's "dashes." Let me just say, making these can be addictive! 

It's not too late to join this free project - Dreamlines. Register here, on Brenda's website. 

Also (I couldn't help myself), I've begun another Kawandi. Sigh. I know. I'm hopeless. But I kept seeing the pretty Kawandi that Anorina @sameliasmum is making, each with a color theme, and I just felt the urge. Again. 

As you can see, I'm going with all low volume scraps - white, cream, gray and bits of black - and will use different colors of Wonderfil #12 Spagetti thread to stitch. This is Kawandi #13, and it's 16" X 20". 

Jo Avery's Freehand Halo Appliqué project
Last weekend was a free "Taster Weekend" with Jo Avery, Karen Lewis and Lynne Goldsworthy who make up Thread House UK. They offered this weekend as a chance to check out what they have to teach so you'll register for their Thread House UK Academy.

I've always been a fan of Jo's work, and this Freehand Halo Appliqué interested me. I watched her video which was available for a limited time, and got busy.

Jo uses linens in her demo project. I managed to find seven different pieces of linen in my stash that I'm using as backgrounds. Quilting cotton prints/solids are the halos.

This may become my QuiltCon travel project... if I can keep my hands off it! 

I finished piecing 36 Crossroads blocks, and began free motion quilting snail-trail designs all over the surface of this 43" X 55" quilt. The design has been relaxing and easy to quilt - no stops and restarting. 

Book Recommendations
The House Across the Lake
 by Riley Sager is a book I chose to read after my friend, Cindy @liveacolorfullife read it. As she cautioned me, the book is different.

It starts out all well. Everything makes sense - five cottages on a remote lake; everyone knows who lives where. Casey, a famous actress and recent widow, has been sent by her mother to the lake because Casey is drinking too much and needs to find herself.

When Casey sees a face-down body floating in the lake, she hurries to her boat to save the person. Though Casey is sure she's dead, the woman revives. That's how Casey meets her newest neighbor, Katherine, a rich and famous model. As they become fast friends, Casey realizes there's more going on in Katherine's marriage than anyone might suspect. When Katherine disappears, Casey is determined to find out what happened... and then things get really weird.

The book turns into a science fiction tale. While what happens is not believable, the story is still entertaining. 

Linda's score: 3.6/5.0

 by Jane Harper is a book I couldn't pass by, based on previous Jane Harper titles that I've enjoyed. Whenever I can listen to a story that takes place in Australia - a country I was fortunate enough to visit on four occasions - and is read by an Australian narrator... well, count me in, mate!

Aaron Falk is visiting his friends who live on a family vineyard, because he's been asked to be godfather to their new son. Taking a week away from his demanding job as a federal investigator, Aaron joins his friends who also are participating in an annual wine festival. While with these friends, Aaron hears more about Kim, a woman who went missing at the previous year's festival. Kim hasn't been seen since she left her infant daughter behind, alone, in a pram. As Aaron engages with others - a police friend, and a local detective - he begins to work out what happened. Could another unsolved hit-and-run that happened six years ago, be related? And then there's the woman Aaron met in Melbourne, who is the event coordinator for the wine festival. 

Linda's score: 4.1/5.0

The Spice Drops Saga continues. I am still in disbelief as I share this...

Remember, I told you I ordered Spice Drops (flavored gumdrop candies with a sugar coating) from Amazon? Since I rarely order anything from Amazon, that alone is unusual. I placed the order December 19. Then, just before Christmas, my friend, Sherry, sent me seven small bags of spice drops. Let's just say, those didn't last long! But I had a 2.5 pound bag coming from Amazon.

In January, Amazon let me know the order was delayed. My December 19 order was due to arrive February 12. What else could I do but wait? Dollar Tree is still out of spice drops. 

I followed Amazon tracking... from California, to Kentucky, to one location in Florida, to another location in Florida. On Friday I read: "out for delivery." Then, back to the distribution center. Saturday: "out for delivery." Then back to the distribution center. Sunday: "out for delivery."

I watched and watched. We turned on the porch light when it got dark. Nothing arrived. 

Monday morning this email message arrived:
What can I say? 😢 Linda


  1. Linda, I had not thought about “Spice Drops” in years until your post about them. I Brachs Spice Drops at a West Des Moines HyVee last week. They were Brachs Spice Drops.

    1. Sorry my spice drops message is from “Anonymous”. This is Jane Christenson. I clearly don’t know how to send a comment properly 😂

  2. I think your latest Kawandi is going to be wonderful with the low volume and colored threads. I have certainly enjoyed played with low volume in a couple of quilts the last couple of years. I also have enjoyed the Jane Harper novels and will add this one to my reading list. Have a wonderful time at QuiltCon. Say hello to Laura of Quilt Fort Co for me. I haven't seen her since Covid when I left the BMQG.

  3. How exciting to see your quilt in an official graphic! It looks like it's been a busy time in your sewing room. If you enjoy Jane Harper, you might like "The Lost Man". It's the most recent one of hers I read and quite enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for commenting.

      This is the second time I’ve had a quilt used in publicity. The other time it was my Florida quilt, used to advertise the AQS show in Daytona Beach, Florida. It’s a delightful honor, for sure!

      Ah yes… I think I’ve read all of Jane Harper’s books. In fact I read “The Lost Man” and reviewed it in March 2021. “Exiles” is her latest book, published just last month.


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