Friday, November 25, 2022

Post Thanksgiving

Whether you spent Thanksgiving with family or friends, I hope you all had a nice holiday. Neighbors invited us over and we had quite a feast that included my homemade contribution - a from-scratch apple pie which was my mother's specialty. I'd like to think she'd be pleased with my effort. 

Since Jonathan apples are non-existent in Florida, an inquiry among quilty friends had me using a combination of Honey Crisp and Gala apples for this pie. Thanks to my pie chimney, the juices didn't overflow in the oven, though according to my dad, a running over apple pie means it's a good pie! 

A little more hand sewing time and I now have 80 Glitter blocks. Progress means I now need to dig into stash to cut out 72 more blocks.

Looking at the two quilt pictures above, you're probably noticing similarities in colors. I'm embarrassed to agree that I seem to be in a color rut - orange, yellow - more orange and yellow - and a smattering of rosy colors like pink and burgundy. I will change that.

When Snuggly Monkey recently had a 25 percent off sale, I selected a few items: my first Dropcloth Sampler (Debbie @aquilterstable, you've had an influence on me!); and three Clover water soluble pencils. I'm already trying out the blue pencil as I'm quilting Tilted Tiles. 

Here's walking foot and free motion quilting progress on Tilted Tiles. Each block has a little different design than the block next to it, but I'm repeating designs. 

Intentionally leaving unquilted areas, I will add big stitch hand quilting using a few new-to-me colors of Wonderful Eleganza (size 8) perle cottons also from Snuggly Monkey.

With both of my guilds making quilts for babies and children's charities, I cut up scraps to make this 36" X 47" quilt to donate in January to Healthy Families Florida.

Using stashed fabric as backing, I free motion quilted from the back. A light green top thread is on this side; the bobbin thread (on the front) is YLI variegated 40-weight. 

I drew in red the quilting paths I followed. With the right backing print/pattern, it's sure a quick way to quilt. 

Have you ever following a fabric pattern for quilting? What did you think?

Book Recommendation
I've been on a waiting list to read The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin, available to me only as an e-book. I checked it out yesterday and finished it this morning! My goodness. Yet another Charles Martin book that had me riveted!

Dr. Ben Payne is on his way back to Jacksonville, Florida after attending a medical conference. Ashley Knox is on her way back to Atlanta after an interview for a magazine article she's writing. They're both in the Salt Lake City airport, awaiting a flight that's been delayed due to an incoming snowstorm.

When the flight is cancelled, and Ashley reveals she's desperate to get home for her rehearsal dinner and wedding, Ben finds a charter pilot to get them to Colorado ahead of the storm. When the worst happens, and they're injured and alone in a million acres of wilderness, Ben's medical skills and mountain-climbing experiences become the only things keeping them alive. 

This book was written in 2010, and though it was made into a 2017 movie with Kate Winslet, after watching the trailer, I'm not a bit interested. I could readily see that the movie took liberties with the plot, adding bits that weren't in the book. No movie could be better or more engaging than this book! 

Blog reader-friend KatieQ says she "blubbered" her way through When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. I admit to doing the same with The Mountain Between Us.

Linda's score: 4.7/5.0



Nancy said...

What a good idea for quilting from the back using the print for a guide. It does make it quick and easy. Cute quilt. Your pie chimney sparked a memory of "pie birds"- same purpose, but shaped like a chirpy bird atop the pie. There are so many dropcloth patterns to choose from now- it's become so popular. It seems as if it will be relaxing stitching with the guidelines already in place. Unsure how big they are- will it make a pillow top or other project? Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Linda! Your pie looks about perfect! Love the glitter blocks--that's one I'd like to make, too! Super cute baby quilt! Baby quilts are such fun to make!!! There's a 21 week wait on that book on my Libby app! It seems to be popular! I can wait it out.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Your pie looks delicious! Apple is my favorite. I have my Mom's recipe but I rarely bake. Perhaps I should give it a try again. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mary said...

Thanks for the link to Snuggly Monkey. I just ordered some colors of Eleganza that I couldn’t get locally 🙂

Deb said...

The pie looks great. We also enjoyed a wonderful dinner with family in my sister's newly remodeled kitchen which is lovely. Nice to see all her grandies and spend time with them. They are so much fun. I don't think your orangish quilt looks like you are in a color rut. I can see many colors in there and I'm sure the photo doesn't do it justice. Will be interested to find out what you think of the new items in your inventory. Am working on a patriotic quilt for an uncle who served in the US Navy and on the local fire department. They were kind enough to agree to give me a FD badge to go on the back of the quilt. Will give it to him at Christmas, I hope.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Your pie looks delicious. My mother was the pie baker for Thanksgiving--I really miss her pies. Your Glitter quilt looks lovely. When my templates arrived, I remember thinking they were much smaller than I realized. It will be beautiful!


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