Sunday, August 29, 2021

Teaching, Challenge Quilt

On Friday and Saturday, I taught all day (six hour) workshops with Southeast Georgia Quilters in Kingsland, Georgia, and Jacksonville Modern Quilt Guild in Jacksonville, Florida. It felt like a whirlwind!

That's because after quietly celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary on Thursday, I was up at 5 am Friday morning for a 6 am departure to drive to Kingsland to teach. I arrived shortly after 9 am, and at 10 am the workshop began. I taught a class of 11 students (one missing from the photo) how to use a Quick Curve Ruler to make an Urban Abacus quilt, and a Quick Curve Mini Ruler to make a table runner. 

It was a good class, with friendly students, who were a gentle warm-up to lead the same workshop again on Saturday. 

After spending the night with a lovely, hospitable member of Southeast George Quilters - her husband's  barbecued brisket was delicious! - on Saturday morning I drove to Jacksonville. Again, a lovely class of 12 students happily engaged in learning how to use their rulers, and piece gentle curves. 

To be clear, almost everyone wore a mask during both workshops. I sure did.

I drove home Saturday evening, arriving shortly before 7 pm, feeling pretty much wiped out - knackered, as Aussies say. Between the intensity of teaching and long drive, it felt good to kick back for some Saturday night TV-watching.

Still, I find teaching very satisfying and rewarding. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and appreciate those moments when I hear something new-to-me - about online business I'm not familiar with, or a unique product, or occasionally, seeing a method of doing something differently than I do. It's all good!

A speaking engagement or workshop gives me the opportunity to be in tune with real-time quiltmakers, learn what interests them, and what they're creating. Thank you Southest Georgia Quilters, and Jacksonville MQG for inviting me!
In my sewing room, I'm 99 percent sure I've settled on the final layout for my Chips and Charms Challenge quilt for Central Florida MQG. Here are a several comparison layout pictures that led to settling on the last one. 
Patriot blue HSTs in a medallion setting

Patriot blue in an "arrow point" setting

My favorite with the center block accented

I'm continuing to hand appliqué circles to HSTs until I have enough to piece the quilt top.

Book Recommendation 
One of the perks of driving alone is being able to listen to an audiobook. That's the reason I was able to finishing The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica. You might notice that my last review was also of a Mary Kubica book. She's a good author! 

The Other Mrs. takes place on an island in Maine. Sadie and Will, and their two sons have moved from Chicago to an old house after inheriting it from Will's sister. Along with the house, they've been given custody of Imogene, Will's 16 year-old niece. From the first moments of their arrival, Sadie, an emergency room physician, feels uncomfortable. Add to that Imogene's dark habits and rebellious nature (and language) toward Sadie, and Sadie's finding it difficult to adapt to their new living conditions. When a neighbor is found dead, and it's called murder, apprehension about what's happening around her causes Sadie to question everyone's behavior and ulterior motives, including those of her 14 year-old son Otto. 

The story jumps between present day, and a narrative from a six year-old girl called Mouse. Who is she? How is she part of Sadie's story? Well, once again, an author caught me unaware. And even though I'd just read a Mary Kubica book, she managed to completely surprise me.

Linda's score: 4.3/5.0

This morning's online worship service at Lutheran Church of Hope was again enriching. The message hit a chord, as did the music of a guest choir that sang two songs. I was moved to tears when I realized that they wouldn't remove their masks to sing. How sad that this is the world we're living in now. And how completely lovely that they sang in spite of wearing masks... sounding wonderful. Bless them. Linda


  1. I picked up my first Mary Kubrick book yesterday at the library. I love her writing style and will definitely be reading more!
    Love the final setting and can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. That book sounds just like my kind of read - will look up this author and track down some of her books to try. I love the layout you chose, very effective with the diagonal cross effect.

  3. SEW glad to hear that you enjoyed your whirlwind tour of South Georgia and Northern Florida, Linda! Thanks for sharing your potential challenge layouts. Looking forward to seeing the quilt come together!

  4. Happy for you that you were able to get out and teach. I know how much that means to you. Your circle challenge is coming along quite nicely too. I so enjoyed my circle applique project that I'm thinking about another one for the winter. Although I need to wrap up the first one and a few other things before I get too sidetracked on new things.

  5. I'm happy to hear how well the classes went! And happy anniversary to you and hubbie.

  6. Very nice! I'm glad the choir was willing/able to sing masked, since we're still hearing that singing propels germs. It's hard to find safe ways to get together, so nice when we can. I'm teaching with everyone masked, too.

  7. I'm certain that you did feel knackered! We are finding that even with the limited amount of socializing that we are able to do now it is draining. Looks like lots of happy campers in your photos so I expect that you were not the only one happy to be back in the saddle, and so nice that they are prepared to mask.

  8. I'm exhausted just hearing about the drive and teaching you packed into two days! But time with quilters can surely re-energize, so I'm sure it was worth it. Your design wall is looking great. That's a lot of hand stitching in this piece. Oh, the choir... it is sad that we are still in this shape after so long. But they persevered to add to the service.

  9. Teaching two classes in two days and doing the driving must indeed have been 'knackering'. I really enjoy teaching patchwork classes for all the reasons you listed. I'm an introvert though so find I need a good bit of time on my own afterwards to feel fully recovered.


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