Thursday, January 14, 2021

So It Goes

It's apparent that 2021 is in full swing! This is the week that Zoom meetings have resumed - four with: 1) Central Florida MQG (See the CFMQG blog post I wrote about that meeting); 2) Big Cypress Quilters; 3) South Florida MQG (Sip and Sew); and 4) South Florida MQG (program and meeting). 

Sometimes I'm able to work on projects during Zoom calls. I've become spoilt by having all my projects nearby, and will someday have a difficult time readjusting to in-person meetings. 

Because all three projects I've been working on involve scraps, my sewing space has been extra-messy. But I've been more than pleased about being able to slide a bin (aqua canvas, on the left) back into its cubby without having to mash the pile to get the bin to slide in! Progress. 

On the design wall, my Central Florida MQG Scrap Challenge quilt is progressing. I worked out putting some of the blocks together, in several instances with 45°inset corners (yikes!). From the created negative space, I cut and pieced to insert rings. 

Cutting into the background fabric of the quilt top is the scary bit. If I choose the wrong spot, or cut an incorrectly-sized concave circle... well, I don't want to think about all the work I'll make for myself. So, triple-checking it is!   

I've cut lots and lots of pieces to make "Glitter" blocks. 

For expediency, I've worked out that instead of hand-piecing the entire block, I can machine sew the center portion...

...and hand-sew only the four corners. 

I need mark only the Y-seams, so as to accurately hand-stitch them to the center portion. 

In the evening, I often pick up this Kawandi which is coming along nicely. 

Dan and I still occasionally play games in the evening, but I've been very discouraged with card-playing lately.  The last two times we've played Gin Rummy, he's won. And since learning Whist, and playing four games... I have yet to win! 😟Where's the fun in that?!

Two weeks ago I had to toss my not-very-old (purchased August 2019) T-Fal iron because, even though it was turned on, it wouldn't heat up without being unplugged and replugged-in. Rather than stew over which brand to buy, a trip to Wal-Mart (first time in a store for months!) resulted in this Hamilton-Beach Durathon iron, for $25. What I'll say about it is that it steams! Actually, that's been nice, not only for pressing fabric, but for warming up the sewing room! It's been chilly lately, and we haven't turned on the furnace!  

Here in Central Florida,  COVID-19 vaccinations are happening. At least a half dozen people I know have already gotten their first shot. We know which website to visit to register for an appointment, but we haven't taken any action. Though we meet the "over 65" requirement, we know that others, because of health issues need the vaccine more than we do. Also, the process for getting the vaccine has had its share of hiccups. We know someone who got her first vaccine two weeks ago, but still doesn't know when or where to go for her second one. We're thinking it's prudent to allow the process to work out issues, and perhaps result in shorter wait times. Maybe when the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is released, which is supposed to be a "one and done," we'll get appointments.

Sometimes, in all the indoor busy-ness of my days, it's good to step outside and appreciate what's happening around me. This is an untouched photo of this evening's view from our front yard. Of course it was even more stunning in real life.  

Pastor Mike's Sunday sermon was spot-on, as it relates to our political events. In this snapshot, he was pointing out that it doesn't matter if you're Left or Right (blue or red) the Devil is after us. All perspectives will do well to focus on Jesus. 

Book Recommendation

One True Loves
 (plural) is not a typo. This story, written by Taylor Jenkins Reid is about Emma who one day learns that she not only has a fiancé, but also a husband! Readers learn about Emma's past, how she occasionally worked in her parent's bookstore alongside Sam. And while a  teen, met Jesse, a swimmer with Olympic potential. The story follows Emma's life with Jesse, and her reconnection with Sam. The reader will certainly wonder how on earth Emma will resolve having two true loves in her life...with sweet insight, understanding, and appreciation. 

Linda's score: 4.0/5.0

In some exciting news- and you're the first to know - I've been invited to be on a three-person panel for an upcoming MQG Webinar. Along with Karen Foster @capitolaquilter and Jo Avery @joavery, we'll present information about making a Temperature Quilt. If you're a member of the Modern Quilt Guild, you'll be able to watch our live presentation on Tuesday, January 26 at 2 pm Eastern time, or access it afterward on the MQG website. Lots of preparation will be happening in the next week! Linda


  1. Hi Linda! Good to “sip and sew” with you last night. I did not comment then, but did see the scrappy circles behind you on the wall, they are really nice-and to me, perfectly round! I have read “ One True Loves”. It made me think of an alternate finale for the movie “ Cast Away” (Tom Hanks, 2000). Congratulations on your upcoming MQG Webminar. I’m planning to attend and learn more about “the science” behind a Temperature Quilt!😉 Best, Marie

  2. All the color in your scrappy happiness is so cheerful! Glad you're enjoying Zooming and quilting. That Florida sunset sky is so beautiful. Will check out the message link- thanks. Congrats on being part of the upcoming panel. That should be fun!

  3. The challenge quilt is coming along nicely! Can’t wait to see the finish. I’ve yet to find a place to set my iPad to be able to Zoom and sew at the same time. Need to work on that. I will be working Tuesday but will check out the video. I purchased a kit to do a temperature cross stitch and am already 15 days behind waiting for it to arrive.

  4. Your studio is so colorful Linda. The circles and rings look great! Good luck with the process. Sorry that I will miss your MQG discussion. After being a founding member of my local guild I didn't rejoin for 2021.

  5. Your circular scrappy challenge is coming along beautifully! I took my old Black and Decker iron to quilt ministry 3 years ago when I thought it might limp by for a couple months until we could get something better. Turns out that little iron is still going strong, steam and all, though the Teflon surface has pretty much worn away. The new Hamilton Beach replacement for home lost its ability to steam without spurting out black spots during the first year. Dry iron only now.

  6. Wow, you were definitely Zooming! Those Florida sunsets are hard to beat! Congrats on the panel - I'll have to watch for that!

  7. I can see how your modified construction of the Glitter blocks will make for speedier piecing! What a great solution! The circles are looking wonderful! And congratulations on the Webinar- I’m glad they’ve gone to the experts!

  8. You are not the first blogger to comment on buying a Walmart iron after an expensive one quit. When my expensive one quit a few months ago, I pulled out an old "cheap" one and it works quite well. I don't think I'll be spending $100 on an iron again.

  9. Always good to be able to put a bin back into place without mashing the contents down. Your "machine piecing shortcut" on your Glitter blocks will have you zooming along with the hand piecing. I've seen that a few bloggers have had to replace their irons lately, hope it isn't catching, I love my Oliso.


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