Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Kawandi #2, and Happy Thanksgiving

Several weeks ago I shared my attempt to self-teach how to make a Kawandi (quilt), Siddi-style, following a YouTube video - the only video I found on the topic. That Kawandi turned out okay.
Kawandi #1, 15" X 25"

So, many evenings find me in my aqua chair, under my Slimline floor lamp, doing handwork - hand piecing a Starfish quilt, English paper piecing, or lately, indulging in my new Kawandi/Siddi quilt obsession Hand work just feels good!

I learned a lot more about Siddi quilts after taking @therootconnection 's virtual workshop on November 6. With Kawandi #2, mistakes in Kawandi #1 were corrected (not enough fabric contrast), and additions were worked out (adding "fula" at each of the four corners, and accessorizing with "tikli," tiny randomly-placed squares) .  

Kawandi #2 is made with solid scraps. Only fula at the four corners are prints, from a folded square of fabric.

The fabric I selected as backing is from Christina Camelli's "Moongate" collection. Choosing the back fabric is the first step in making a Kawandi which is assembled completely in reverse from a regular quilt. All the piecing/quilting is worked from the outside edges toward the center. I used Quilter’s Dream Poly Request batting, and Aurifil 12-weight thread in off-white, #2000.

Since our kitchen includes a colorful array of Fiestaware dinnerware, this Kawandi looks good on our dining table.

Finishing this Kawandi means I'm mostly caught up on projects, except for the Maria Shell-style patterned improv quilt I started a few weeks ago - the one I've named Italica.

"Caught up" is good because this Friday, November 27, I'll be taking another virtual workshop. The instructor is Ilka White who lives in Melbourne, Australia! She teaches a two-session workshop called "Braided Rag Rug," that uses old tablecloths, sheets, and clothing. Looks like this is how we get started, using a clip board to hold the work.

Since our time zones are flip-flopped, I'll be starting my workshop at 8:30 PM. It's three hours long. I'm hoping my excitement about it will keep me going until it ends at 11:30 PM! Then, the following Friday, December 4, I'll do it all again to attend the second three-hour workshop session.

A Canadian doctor-friend on Instagram @kupitis, has been especially busy during this pandemic, and posted this to her Instagram feed a few days ago. It speaks volumes about the inconsiderate behavior of many people, and how worn out health care workers have become. 

Everybody I know continues to stay at home, and wear masks and sanitize when they must go out. As we should.

Dan and I will be at home by ourselves for Thanksgiving. He's doing all the cooking except for my job of making a salad, and pumpkin pie and whipped topping. There might be some after-dinner gin rummy or Rummikub game action too.

I hope you, and those you're self-quarantining with, have a blessed day. Linda


  1. We will eat with my daughter, SIL and one granddaughter as they are in our Covid Pod. I have spent the last two days cooking and loving it.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. I love both of your kawandi quilts! I think I love the orange one best, but that's because orange is one of my favorite colors. They go wonderfully with your Fiesta dinnerware. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Enjoy your quiet dinner with Dan. We're staying put and grilling steaks. I'm hoping to do some sewing too. Maybe some quiet time to read or even a game and movie.

  4. I like the orange one, but I can see more of the traditional Siddi techniques in the second. Both are lovely! Enjoy your day tomorrow, Linda. My pies are coming out of the oven soon. Pumpkin here, too. Yum!!

  5. Love these two little quilts, I would have liked to take the class with Sujata but time difference was a little problem plus she was booked out!
    My favourite is Kawandi 1, all those love citrus colours.

  6. I'd say Kawandi #2 was very successful! We had a just-us-two Thanksgiving as well, and enjoyed the quiet!

  7. I like them both! looks great as a table center with your Fiestaware


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