Sunday, December 15, 2019

Clothes and Quilting

I've recently enjoyed garment sewing, making four leggings and four tops. I don't have a dress form on which to display clothes for pictures, but here are two favorite pieces. I adore the color and cutwork at the ankles of these leggings. This lovely knit is from The Sewing Studio in Maitland, Florida.

I'm especially pleased with one of the tops I made because it's patterned from the pieces of an old, favorite, but now pilled, knit top. Believe it or not, I bought this size 14 children's top clearance-priced from Kohl's! 

As I took it apart I discovered that the top had been pieced first, and then painted with stripes! Is that a faster way to manufacture clothing? The seam allowances have no print. 

My top cost $13.48 to make, plus thread. It's a Riley Blake knit from 

This keyhole back opening is a unique feature. I'll definitely be sewing this pattern again!

Since that spurt of clothes-sewing, I reconfigured my sewing room for quilting and pulled out my already pin-basted Plaidish quilt. I began quilting diagonal ruler-guided arcs across the quilt.

Aurifil 50-weight aqua-colored thread is in the bobbin, and YLI variegated polyester thread is on top. The YLI is some of the $300 worth of thread I won in 2013 for placing third with a domestic machine quilted wall hanging. I don't think I'll ever use up all of it!

After ruler quilting, I used the serpentine stitch to quilt wavy lines through the skinny strips. On my Bernina 770QE I chose stitch 4, and then set the stitch width to 5.0 and length to 1.90.

The top is so busy the variegated thread colors and quilting don't show. So here's the back, a pretty Kaufman wide back.

Binding is up next, as I listen to an audiobook. Linda


  1. Very nice!! It has been decades since I did any clothes sewing!! I think I only made one pair of shorts way back in junior high home ec class. Were the leggings difficult? Can you show the waistband and crotch part? How about the pattern for them? Look at me, getting excited about sewing clothes!!!

  2. The cutwork on the leggings really takes them up a notch, so professional! Excellent job taking you old fav and making a new one. Your right, the keyhole back is so fun. You obviously have sewing with knits mastered. Please do share what needles, thread and machine settings you use when sewing with knits.

  3. Those leggings are so cute with the ankle cutwork. Sweet top too, perfect for the warm days you enjoy nearly all year, unlike "lake-effect" country where we live. I love using the serpentine stitch for machine quilting, especially for all the donation and baby quilts we make at our ministry group, fun and easy. I've never tried YLI thread, is it stronger than aurifil? I'd never used anything but aurifil since all my machines seem to like it, and it's so nice to be able to use the same thread whether I'm using the vintage machines or the newer Janome.

  4. Love the cut work on those leggings. I'm impressed with all the clothes I see you make. I haven't sewn clothing in years and even then didn't have the knowledge and skills you have. I have no desire to make clothing now but maybe when I have grandchildren and can make cute little things I'll be drawn back into it.

  5. Leggings and top(s) are adorable!!!! You look adorable modeling them too!!! Happy Holidays and the best in 2020!

  6. Aren’t you the clever one? I’m going to rethink older tops now! Love the leggings, too, Linda, but I know I’m not up to making them. I don’t really wear them, except under trousers for extra warmth. My legs are too skinny, lol! And I don’t have a butt to hold them up. Ok, before I get any more personal, on to your pretty quilt......the quilting looks fabulous. Must feel good to have another finish!

  7. Those leggings are the best!! Great job Linda. Also love the little opening on the back of the t-shirt. Very creative projects.


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