Friday, May 17, 2019


The week of our Central Florida MQG (CFMQG) meeting is always extra-busy for me as media coordinator, and this past week proved even more so as our members showed their challenge quilts - 25 of them, as well as show and tell! I've spent considerable time writing two blog posts and sharing pictures on Instagram. If you're interested, please go here to see our blog. Or, here to see Instagram.

In between photo-taking and writing, I've continued to edit my dad's autobiography. We're up to his 43 page-long chapter 13. At this point, it's 1971 to 1975, and we're living in Mason City, Iowa. It's when I met and married Dan.

In the sewing room, it's been this and that as "squirrels" run all over! ("Squirrels" is a reference to a moment with a dog, in the movie "Up.")

At Monday's CFMQG meeting, I showed my completed "It's All About Color" challenge quilt. It's 31" X 31", uses colors that are definitely "not me," and is my first comfortable play with improv. I also found I adore ombré (gradated) fabrics, and am on the hunt for more. (Quilt Market is in Kansas City today through Sunday, and I understand that Jennifer Sampou is introducing an ombré collection called "Sky.") I completed this quilt with lots of ruler quilting, filled-in with a little free motion.

I completed piecing my selvages quilt top that ended up at 59" X 72".

Thinking a selvage print backing would be too perfect for this quilt, I went on the hunt. The last time I'd seen it was at least five years ago. Though I found some in Etsy shops, there wasn't enough. I texted my California friend, Cindy (LiveaColorfulLife) who is one of several "Selvage Queens" I know. She told me the selvage print fabric was made by Pat Sloan. I went to Pat's website, followed her fabric links, and found nothing. In desperation I emailed Pat - reminding her I'd been on her radio program last December 😀 - and she responded almost immediately! Yes, she had four yards left and would sell me 3-1/2 yards! Yay! This arrived yesterday. I see quilt sandwich-making in my weekend plans!

While waiting, I pulled out my pre-arranged Cascade Quilt. All I need to do is sit at my Bernina and piece! At first it was a little tedious, but I've gotten into a rhythm, chain-piecing two columns at a time. Of course, the most challenging part is remembering from which pile to choose each piece. 

It's unusual piecing because each column starts at the bottom, and the braids have a slight, bias curve that needs to meet "just so" at the skinny end.

These first two columns were my learning curve. Best Pressed spray starch helped a lot!

Currently, I'm piecing columns E and F.

On August 12 I'm giving our CFMQG program, on Big Stitch quilting. In anticipation of a hands-on demo, I've started pulling sample threads (perle cottons and sashiko) and needles (crewel). Even though I've big stitch quilted several times, (see my O-O-Orange quilt that was at this year's QuiltCon) I'm also watching YouTube videos for extra tips. If you're interested, I highly recommend The Fat Quarter Shop's video with Jen Kingwell. You can watch it here.

My recent audiobook finish is "The Woman Who Smashed Codes," by Jason Fagone. It's not a genré I typically look for, but is undoubtedly fascinating. This factual book tells the story of Elisabeth Freedman, and her husband William, who were extraordinarily-skilled code-breakers, and instrumental in revealing plans and schemes during WWI, prohibition, and WWII. While the story isn't one that I could "get lost in," it was certainly eye-opening. Simply knowing that our government kept these activities under wraps for decades, turns the truth into a compelling book.

Linda's score: 5/5

Lately, there's been no grass growing under my feet! Is this how "retirement" is for everyone? Linda


Nancy said...

There is never grass growing under your feet, Linda! Mine either- and that's just the way I like it. ha! I love your improv quilt- well done. And Big Stitch- love that, too. It feels like a cross between embroidery (which i enjoy) and hand quilting (which I enjoy)- win, win. And all those yummy perle cottons. Will look forward to your post about the program you present.

Nancy said...

PS- I watched the video-eek- she doesn't use a thimble! What's your take on thimbles? Though for her method of lap-style quilting, I guess it's not needed. i use a hoop and thimble. And have you used the hera marker?

KaHolly said...

I agree with Nancy. You are always knee-deep! But look at all you accomplish! They do say if you want something done, give it to the busiest person you know. Great score on the backing fabric. It was your lucky day!

Debbie said...

Love your "It's All About Color!" You fit alot into 31" square! And yay for Pat for sharing her fabric - that's really cool!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

So much quilty goodness in this post Linda. Congrats all around for the improv as well as running with your salvage inspiration and competing a top so quickly . . . and landing that backing too. You are persistent and always always busy.

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

How wonderful that your new best friend, Pat Sloan, had some spare fabric she could send to you! Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

OPQuilt said...

Fun to read all that has been going on, and I even clicked over to your Guild post to read that -- you did a LOT of work on that! Excellent write-ups for every one.
Glad you are diving into your piecing, and hope the editing goes well for your father. My favorite selvage fabric is from Spoonflower, but don't know if you like them. (I made several Sew Together bags out of it when I first found it.) All in all, a fun post to read!


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