Saturday, December 1, 2018

On the Radio, with Pat Sloan

On The Radio...  No, I don't mean the Donna Summers song, but I bet I've planted that ear worm!

Actually, I'm on the radio - the American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast.

Pat Sloan phoned and interviewed me in early November, and Monday, December 3 is the date that episode is aired.

Tune in HERE at 4 pm (Eastern time) Monday, if you'd like to hear it "live."

Otherwise, after 6 pm anytime you can hear it on Pat Sloan's blog/podcast show site: Episode 402

Pat and I mostly talked about my recent creativity focused on wedge quilts.
Roulette, 52" X 69"
Spin Art, 66" X 66"
(Just between you and me... I entered both these quilts into QuiltCon 2019 in Nashville. Should know by late December whether either has been accepted.)

Pat and I also talked quite a bit about the many First Time Quiltmaking classes I've taught (more than 30!), the more than 1000 quilts given to missions around the world, and the book I wrote by the same name (published in 2009 by Landauer Publishing).

Every American Patchwork and Quilting podcast includes interviews with several quilters. I was tickled to learn that one of the other interviewees on this particular episode is Heather Black (Quiltachusetts). Heather is a young, modern quilter with mad design skills. She talks about "Urban Trek," a wildly successful quilt design that has appeared in a dozen or so shows, and one that - oddly enough - I made myself in 2017!
My version of "Urban Trek," 59" X 71"
I think you'd be safe saying that I'm a Heather Black fan, so it's an honor to be on the same program as she.

Hope you'll listen-in if you have some time to burn.  Linda


  1. Wow cant wait Linda. Can't listen live but I'll definitely tune in to the podcast later. Congratulations!

  2. Yippe Skipee! You'll be a star!!

  3. oh fun! I can't wait to hear you and Heather!

  4. I sure will listen to you but not life.
    Look at this Website, she is a good friend of mine.

  5. That's awesome news, Linda!!! I have made a note to listen once it is uploaded. Congrats!

  6. Congrats! I am going to download the show right now and listen to it on my way to work tomorrow morning.

  7. I need to set some time aside tomorrow to listen to the podcast. It will be lovely to hear your voice again!

  8. Yay, Linda, I can't wait to catch the episode!

  9. Just listened to the pod cast Linda. It was great and I love your accent. :-)

  10. Just listened to you on Pat's show. So interesting, and I loved putting a voice to all the blog reading I do! I LOVE your wedge quilts, but then, I love EVERYTHING you do! Thank you! Keep it up!

  11. I’m saving it to listen to while I travel on Saturday. It will be a 16 hour trip, door to door. I’ll appreciate the distraction! Urban Trek is one of my favorites!



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