Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Cosmetic Bags

Now that Christmas gift-opening has come and gone, I can share what I made for the ladies in our family - cosmetic bags. The only difference between a cosmetic bag and a regular zipper pouch is that I lined the cosmetic bag with fabric and a medium-weight clear vinyl.

I roughly followed this tutorial, though I was frustrated by the vague instructions that didn't indicate which side to which the zipper should be applied. Once I figured it out, I ended up making five bags.

To smooth the clear vinyl, I pressed it with a warm iron between layers of batting.

To personalize each bag, I played with one of the four alphabets on my Bernina 770QE, and chose decorative patterns to go with names. I stored everything in memory, in case I want to reuse or modify them in the future.

After posting a picture of my practice pieces on Instagram, I was given the wise suggestion to clip the jump thread between the lower case letter "i," and the dot, so it doesn't look like a lower case "l."

After practicing, I used a size 90 jeans needle to stitch onto Kraftex, a washable paper fabric with a lightweight fusible interfacing behind it. Have you seen Kraftex? I bought a package to try - of course the color is Tangerine Tango. Instructions say to wash it before sewing it into an item. It's neat stuff that has a sort of suede-look. One side is slightly different than the other.

It was a treat to use the dual feed feature and the #4D zipper foot. No more need to ease, to achieve a smooth zipper installation.

The only challenge I had was turning the bag right side out, after sewing the interior. That vinyl is stiff!

I'm keeping this one for me! Quilting is my SUPERPOWER.

These were gifted to family - Lyn, Celina, and Jill - and a friend, Patty.

I used a double-stitched blanket stitch, with matching orange thread, to appliqué the name bands onto the bags.

I sure enjoyed making these, and it felt even better to gift them. Linda


Janarama said...

Cute bags! Use a blow dryer to make the vinyl more pliable before turning it inside out. Merry Christmas.

Susan Snooks said...

Neat gifts Linda! I haven't seen the Kraftex here, but no surprise there! I think the script fabric you used as the lining is one I just bought the other day to add to my stash! I'm thinking of using it for some more Weebraw bags!

Robbie said...

What a great gift!!! I'm sure the 'ladies' were so pleased with them!

Dar said...

Merry Christmas to you! Those are so cute and useful too. I really admire your making such nice gifts for the ladies in your family. Wish there was someone in my family that sewed besides me! I got too far behind in finishing 3 quilts for presents, so no cute little gifts for quilting friends. Maybe next year.:)

Nancy said...

These turned out so nicely, and I'm sure they were welcome gifts. Vinyl lining is a plus. Janarama's tip of using the hair dryer- genius! You mentioned the vague instructions and also noted the travel bag had some clarity issues as well. That's my pet peeve- instructions that don't give all the info you need to make the project. grrr... Most pattern writers could use an editor (my old job) to read through with a different perspective- that of the maker- and give some feedback on the process.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

These are beautiful Linda.
Well done.

I made some open bags with a hanging loop, with my favorite fabrics!
I used some stiff heavy weight interfacing? really heavy, non fusible
I quilted the outer side. Turning them was also a challenge of patience haha
But they turned out really pretty and I gave them to my daughters and my sister.
They loved them. I have one more to make for my dad's weekly caregiver, my new found "sister" Karen. I am going to put some pretty hand towels in that.
I know you had a wonderful Christmas celebration.

grammajudyb said...

Your bags are so cute! I must look for that Kraftex! Makes a good label, name strip!

OPQuilt said...

So cute, Linda, and bravo to you for using the new features on your fun machine. In our JoAnn's, the vinyl comes in different weights--would have have made a difference to when you were turning them inside out? Another trick I've tried is to warm the item slightly by throwing in my dryer with a couple of towels, then it turns a bit easier. Haven't worked with vinyl for a while--maybe I should try it again! Merry post-Christmas!

Khurram Shahzad said...
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