Friday, August 17, 2018

More Family

Almost as soon as we returned home from Kansas City - with one day in between - our Texas family flew in for a short, three-and-a-half day visit. We picked them up at the Orlando airport.
Luke, age 4, in Bapa's arms; and Austin, age 8
Yes, the famous Austin, of the owl feathers artwork, was here! Unfortunately, we never got around to photographing the two of us with his "Owl Always Love You," quilt. 😞

We filled most of the time with activities. Anywhere we could go on the golf cart was considered a treat.

Though not accessible by golf cart, we went to Gator World, a drive-through gator park (opened in October 2017). Visiting there was a priority as we knew it would be a hit with grandsons after taking our Kansas City grandsons there last November. It's an educational and interesting place to visit.

What a reaction from Austin!

Luke was willing only to touch the gator's tail.

But look at brave mom!

Austin and Luke both fed turkey hotdogs to the small gators. 

The enclosed rabbit-petting area was probably their favorite place. Apparently bunnies like to be brushed too.

In between threatening clouds and thunderstorms, we made it to the pool a couple times, riding to and from on the golf cart, of course.

We don't have many boy's toys at our house, but Austin was proud of the marble run he created.

We also paid a visit to the nearby Russell Stover outlet, and Austin went with Bapa on a "treasure hunt" to an antique mall.

We wore them out, wouldn't you agree?

Luke with his stuffed triceratops that he named "Triceratops." 
Because I have been focused on Central Florida MQG activities this week - writing blog posts, putting up Instagram photos, and arranging workshop presenters/instructors for 2018, 2019, and 2020, sewing room activity has been nil.

However, on Wednesday I spent much of the morning in the garage, putting together the six polystyrene valances needed for the Early Learning Center. Lots of measuring, slicing, toothpicks and duct tape were involved. (I'm following this DIY.) Nothing glamorous about it, and this is what I have to show for my efforts.

Today I will begin working with the three different fabric prints to make 64"-wide pieces to cover the polystyrene. Of course, that means piecing at least six hidden seams - AKA print-matching. Oh boy!

I hope your weekend is delightful! Linda


  1. wonderful visit with the grandboys, so fun keeping them busy so they get tired and go to bed haha
    What a lovely project you are doing for the learning center. This is going to be wonderful

  2. I love seeing your family posts Linda. You sure have some cute grandies. Whatever it is you are making for the Learning Center looks quite complicated. Hope they appreciate all your hard work.

  3. Nice to read that you had a great time with your Grandsons in Kansas as well with the ones visiting from Texas. Edith

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time with your family, what a fun visit!

  5. While I love the look on Austin's face when he's holding the alligator, I also love the look on Luke's face--a mixture of terror of the animal and awe of his older brother. What a fun whirlwind visit you had, and so glad you were able to take time with them. I know exactly what you mean about not getting photos--the whole visit is so busy!
    Your valences are coming together--so smart to use the lightweight polystyrene.


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