Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Bernina Zen Chic QAL Progress

I've noticed that some bloggers post only when they have a finish to share. I'd like to think that some of us are still interested in, and want to take time to focus on the process. Maybe that's my excuse for being a little slow in the productivity department, but it's true that making a quilt is a process, and (hopefully) one that doesn't need to be rushed, and is enjoyable!

Since reading and commenting (hint) on CrazyMomQuilts 's latest blog post about her hand quilting work-in-progress, she made me think to share progress pictures of my Bernina Zen Chic Quilt-along quilt.

It's very close to a finish; the deadline is Friday. That August 31 due date is to be in the running to win some of the prizes being randomly given away, but it's good motivation to finish. I have to upload finished-quilt pictures to the BerninaZenChicQAL website!

Our 46th anniversary was Sunday, so I didn't spend any time in the sewing room. We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and then hung out the rest of the day, watching a movie on TV.

But I quilted a little bit each day until Monday when I finished all of it. Most of the ruler-work and free motion quilting was done on my Janome 1600P. Then, I swapped out the Janome for the Bernina 440 to do the walking foot quilting. I much prefer using the Bernina walking foot. It's better-designed and operates smoothly.

I tied and buried hundreds of threads! That Sench needle got a workout! This is my clipped-threads pile, as evidence. You might notice that I used gray (50-weight) thread in the bobbin, and seafoam-colored (40-weight) thread on top. 

Then, to remove marker inks from a blue wash-out marker, and purple disappearing marker, I put the quilt in the washer for a rinse and spin. After a five minute tumble in the dryer, I laid it out on the freshly-washed tile floor, measuring the sides and across the diagonal to pat it into "square."

I turned this textural picture into the screen-saver on my cell phone!

Binding is Kona Pond, to match the quilt background, and was machine sewn to the quilt using my favorite binding method - No Tails Binding: Mitered Corners by Machine.

By the way, I've been "pondering" quilt names. 😄 Several were offered-up on Instagram.

"Triangles in the Pond"
"Diamonds in the Pond"
"Crystals in the Pond"
"Tranquil Pond"


On Tuesday I began hand sewing the binding to the back. It was a good, portable project to work on during the Big Cypress Quilters' business meeting. 

I've enjoyed looking at this texture as I've stitched. That lovely loft is the result of using a wool batt. 

I'll make and sew on a sleeve next, so I can use my quilt stand to take good pictures. Also that will make the quilt that much closer to being ready to enter in the Quilting Guild of The Villages January "Showcase of Quilts." Entries are due September 30. I still have a quilt bag to make though. Quilts have to be delivered for judging in their own homemade, drawstring bag. (Have you ever heard of such a thing?!)

I can't begin to say how much I continue to enjoy eating smoothie bowls, and experimenting with different combinations. I haven't yet had one I don't like. Every one of them makes me believe I've just indulged in a bowl of ice cream!

This bowl is: 
  • sliced, steamed, then frozen, yellow crookneck squash
  • frozen banana
  • frozen strawberries
  • hemp seeds
  • almond milk
Topping is:
  • homemade granola
  • chia seeds
  • bananas
  • warm peanut butter

Healthy. Nutritional. What more can you ask?

If I can't convince you this bowl is good, than how about a book recommendation? If you like wine, and/or you like France, with a little WWII history, then you'll like "The Lost Vintage" by Ann Mah. Linda


  1. Preponderantly Triangles
    Pondangles (or Pond-angles)

  2. Youre right Linda, about blogging when one has a finished quilt to show! Thats me!! Maybe I will show some photos of my hand quilting in progress! Thanks for the reminder. I'm hopeless with quilt names, so I wont even try. :-)

  3. I blog process of all my work...mainly because I never remember what or how I do something! This way I have a record of it!!! HA

  4. I love the colors and texture in this quilt. I wish I lived in FL so I could see it in person.

    1. Hi Mary! You're a "no-reply commenter," so I hope you see this response! You’re so nice to pay such compliments. Thank you! The color isn’t my “usual,” nor is the pop color - fuchsia. Actually, it’s another quilt I don’t need. Once it’s done and entered in the show, it will go to the top of the master bedroom closet along with about 100 other quilts we don't use here in Florida! Linda

  5. The quilt is gorgeous ..... I would just call her Pond ...... I appreciate you taking to the time to post even though you are not selling anything.... blogging is changing and it is not as fun for the reader......

  6. "being a little slow in the productivity department . . ." I am smiling at this because you are the busiest, most productive and dedicated quilter I know. Yes, I use the bags for all of our exhibits. It is a very tidy way to keep them clean. My three bags have a plastic "holder" on the outside so I can put my name, address, etc., in them. The bags are tied with drawstrings and are made of heavy fabric so I don't worry about them getting damaged. My pieces are wrapped around pool noodles of appropriate sizes and they travel nicely. I think you will enjoy using the bags.

  7. Oh, Linda, how you inspire me! I’m using the walking foot on my Janome right now, finishing up a ten year old QAYG UFO, but now I can’t wait to finish it up and tackle my next flimsie. How about Pondelicious?

  8. My first thought for a quilt name was Pistachio... maybe I,m hungry?? Lol

  9. Gosh your quilting brought this quilt to a whole nother level. It's so beautiful and what texture! I like the suggestion of 'Ponderings' for a name.

  10. Sea Jewels? (the ocean is a big pond. lol)

  11. It's just beautiful Linda. Another quilting masterpiece. Much too pretty to be on a closet shelf. I too enjoy the process posts. If I only blogged finishes I'd rarely have anything to write about. As it is I rarely post anymore as I've been AWOL on all social media this year.

  12. This reminds me of Monet's Lily Pond. I'm not certain if it's the colors or that beautiful quilting that reminded me of that painting. (sorry, no replyer here)

    1. In spite of being "no reply," I want to say thanks for your comment, and thoughts about the quilt. You're very kind with your compliments.

  13. You have done an amazing job with this quilt Linda! Your attention to detail is second-to-none! When I grow up I hope to be a quilter like you!

  14. What a beautiful finish, Linda! It must have been great fun trying out so many machine quilting designs and achieving that wonderful texture! I do enjoy seeing your progress posts (mostly on Instagram), but I’m a reluctant sharer myself. I’m happy to share progress pics of community quilts, but many of my quilts are gifts, and if I know the recipient is on IG I don’t want to spoil the surprise. As for competition quilts, I’d always been told it wasn’t fair on judges to be able to identify a quilt’s maker before judging. After all, there’s a reason most competitions specify a piece of fabric tacked over the quilt label. Having said that, IG seems to be overturning these conventions and I’m starting to feel more comfortable revealing glimpses of my competition quilts-in-progress.

  15. Oh my goodness, your quilting is beautiful, what texture! What about Pink in the Pond?

  16. I've been bad about doing "in progress" posts too and I'm going to try to do better. It's just so hard with everything going on here.

  17. So beautiful!! I love all in-progress posts, so keep them coming. I notice that sometimes when I do a search on the internet on a technique, I'll get someone's process post, which I like to see. Your quilt is really stunning, and I'm so glad you got it done in time!


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