Friday, July 13, 2018

An Exciting Week!

This week, three exciting things happened! Since life is usually fairly routine, these things made it extra fun.

On Monday, I finished Austin's quilt, and even sewed a label to it.

I will say that I'm disappointed in how washed-out the label looks. I even intensified the color of this photo that I inserted, and checked inkjet printer colors to make sure it was printing properly.

I used Printed Treasures, and haven't been happy with that product lately - the paper backing is so difficult to remove - so maybe that had something to do with the problem. Next time I need a label, I'm trying another brand: EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric Sheets.

I have Elaine of @messygoat ( to thank for suggesting the quilt name. It's perfect: "Owl Always Love You."

Anyway, I'm so happy with how this quilt turned out! It was quilted with Quilter's Dream 100 percent Cotton batting, Aurifil 50-weight threads (on top) and YLI 40-weight light gray on the bottom, and finished at 58" X 68".
"Owl Always Love You," 58" X 68"
I was able to take it to the Central Florida MQG meeting Monday evening where members revealed their Inspiration Challenge quilts. Eleven of our members participated. If you'd like to see what they made, and what inspired them, please see this blog post.

Several people who saw this picture on Instagram commented on my skirt matching the quilt. Yes, it did! Guess you can tell how much I like bright colors.

On top of the good feels about this finish, our daughter-in-law Lyn (mother to Austin), shared the quilt picture with Austin's art teacher, Miss McFee. She happens to be on Instagram too, and ended up (with my permission), posting to her Instagram feed the picture of Austin's artwork, and the quilt!

She gave a good explanation of the class project.

Now I want to convince Austin that we should enter this quilt in QuiltCon. Of course I'm extremely uncertain whether it might be accepted. And, I don't know if Austin will let me keep the quilt long enough to find out! Linda


  1. Oh I love seeing more about Austin's quilt! Cool about the teacher showing it off too! ;-)

  2. Sure hope you get to enter the quilt. It sure is fun doing things with our grands......

  3. I love everything about this project Linda- how happy you have made so many different people in the making process, the happy and proud look on your face, in your matching skirt, the fantastic name for the quilt and how well this quilt has been received by the wider community! I can see why it has been such an exciting week for you! Congratulations!

  4. It is adorable!!! What a clever idea and what a wonderful memory you have created with your grandson!

  5. I am super impressed with this grandson quilt! Its beautiful and a work of art!

  6. LINDA, you are truly an inspiration for the free spirited!

  7. Linda, this turned out sweet!
    Be sure to get Austen's masterpiece framed as well

  8. Love it Linda! Such a lovely story all the way around. I like how you match the quilt in the photo too.

  9. Enter the quilt!! I love it, and after reading the blog post you linked us to, I nominate you for Viewer's Choice, First Place, and general all-around Fabulousness!

  10. What a fun quilt! Sharing all the joy with your grandson is a bonus!


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