Friday, May 25, 2018

Quilts With New Homes

Without a doubt, all quilters like to see their quilts in the hands of people who appreciate and love them. That's what happened for me recently, and the pictures mean so much!

Last year my cousin wanted to buy several of my quilts. Of course, I was happy to part with them, but also felt quite guilty about accepting money for them. But, as they were being given as gifts to my own relatives, I agreed to accept the material costs - you know, the cost of fabric, batting, thread.

First, at Christmastime my first cousin, Ginny, received her quilt from her sister, Barbara... who is also my cousin, of course!

Ginny's quilt is Triangle Tango (62" X 74") made in 2015.

Then, for their high school graduations, Angelina and Lauren received their quilts. These sisters are Ginny's grandchildren. So that makes Angelina and Lauren my first cousins twice removed.

Both of their quilts are my own design. Angelina's is Wibble Wobble (60" X 71) made in 2011.

Lauren's is Bay Area Modern (47" X 58"), a modern block of the month completed in 2016.

Angelina, Lauren, and their brothers Daniel, John, and James all graduated from high school this past Sunday. They're quintuplets, born in January 2000. 

Living so far away, I don't know these kids very well, but I do know they've been raised by a busy, devoted, loving mom; and super-special grandparents. An interesting article about them was in the Sidney Daily News, an Ohio newspaper.

I'm sure happy to know where my quilts have gone. Thank you Cousin Barbara! Linda


  1. I've given away about half of my quilts, as once I make them and keep them around for a bit, I'm happy to share. Fun to see the quints!

  2. What a delightful story about your quilts and the quintuplets! And to think the Bay Area Modern quilt has a new home. I remember you making that and all the quilting that went into it. I'm like Elizabeth- if I've had the pleasure of some of my quilts for a while (except bee quilts, of course) I'm happy to move them on to new home! I was just photographing my feather quilt this morning, and as I folded it up I saw again the special piece of selvedge you included with our names on it!

  3. What a lovely story Linda. Isn't it a great feeling when someone else loves your quilts!

  4. I'm sure they will be treasured.



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