Saturday, May 19, 2018

Confessions of a Quilter

In January, when I decided to not purchase any fabric in 2018, I was so optimistic! I was sure I could do it, though I gave myself a way out, stating that if a fabric was truly needed or required for a particular quilt, I would allow myself to make a purchase.

That's just what I've done.

In April and May, this is everything I bought. You'll note that there are two 10-yard bolts of fabric (white and aluminum); three 108"-wide backings (totaling 10 yards), and 5 yards of Kona aqua. Every piece is needed. Justifiable.

I wasn't able to complete my Spin Art quilt top without solid white, so that bolt of white Painter's Palette has been cut into. After hand-appliquéing the center circle to the background, I machine stitched those 35 "paint splatters" to the background.

All four 108"-wide backings are spoken for, with one of them already used to sandwich Spin Art which measures about 68" X 68".

Other backings will be used for large quilts too, including my Bernina Zen Chic Triangle QAL quilt. The 5 yards of Kona Aqua will be used to complete the quilt top.

While I would have preferred to purchase a Painter's Palette solid to finish the Bernina Zen Chic Triangle quilt top, PP didn't have a background color that looked quite right.

Here's one of the reasons I don't care for Kaufman Kona... it bleeds when washed. Every time. I learned this lesson about Kona several years ago, and now always use a Color Catcher in the wash.

The aluminum gray is so I can finish the wedges quilt, "Roulette" which only needs binding.

So, have I done an okay job of restraining myself from unnecessary fabric purchases? All this yardage will allow me to complete several quilts, and keep making more. Good. Right?

I confess these new additions to my stash. Now don't blame me! I recently won an Instagram fabric giveaway of these 12 fat quarters from the new Paintbrush Studios collection called "On Your Mark." Such "me" colors and prints!

I keep making blocks for the Comfort Quilt QAL, ad nauseam. Cute as they are when finished, they're tedious.

Other than time spent in my sewing room, days pass as they always do: line dancing (now on a two week hiatus); uke-playing; Sunday worship; walking Hogan; staying in touch with family... We did watch a little of the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan - the media coverage and over-the-top interest in the event eludes me, though it's entertaining to watch others going crazy about it - and felt the heartbreak of yet another school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.

Oh, and I'm dieting. (sigh) The battle is real, and I blame all of it on my breast cancer drug, Arimidex. But Monday is when I learn what the future holds. That's when I will visit my oncologist to get the results of the "breast cancer index." The test, done in March, examined tissue that was removed during my lumpectomy in March, 2013. (Who knew that all that stuff is stored?!) I'll learn what the odds are for a return of breast cancer, and whether I will benefit from remaining on Arimidex as a preventative. I've already been on Arimidex five years and two-and-a-half months, so of course I'm hoping I'll be told I can go off it. It would be so wonderful to not have 7-8 hot flashes every day, and a continual battle with weight gain. But on the other hand, I know I'll be able to tolerate remaining on it if it means keeping cancer away. God is good. Linda


  1. Fabric giveaways don't count!!! Now that is a very good thing to know about Kona colors. I don't think I have much in my stash, but will definitely prewash every solid color before using it in a quilt. Good luck with your appointment on Monday. The arimedex must be similar to the tamoxifen I took for five years some 20 years ago. Still here and no sign of recurrence - God is Good Indeed!

  2. Kona shreds, too. Just sayin'. You’ve done a good job sticking to your goal. Background and backing fabrics, however, are definitely a must have. I fully intended to bring some back with me this spring, but the extra pesos weren’t available, so I’ll have to make do. I see a lot of scrappy quilts in my future this summer! I’m going Gaga over your Spin Art quilt! It’s ingenious!

  3. I am glad the wedding is over.... the lead up had become cheesy .... which takes away from the royalty aspect. Did you pick up on the veil? The flowers from 53 Commonwealth Countries have been made part of the veil. Yeah for needlework!!

  4. I have my fingers crossed for a good prognosis on Monday Linda! And giveaway wins definitely do not count as purchases...acquisitions really! I look forward to seeing what you make with it! The colours are very you! The Royal Wedding was away to wile away an hour on Saturday night here...

  5. Your quilt is awesome. I'm hoping you get very good news from your test results.

  6. I think you're doing great in suing your stash. It's something I seriously need to do and yet have fallen off the wagon time and again. Plus, I haven't been quilting all that much so I'm not even using my stash. On a different note I'm using my scrapbooking stash so I guess that counts. Wishing you good news Monday.

  7. Great additions to your stash, the basics are so useful.

  8. Fun to see all these quilts in progress, and congrats on winning Simone's fat quarter stack (be sure to prewash, but I think you are already a pre-washer). And I already know the news about your test, so congrats again!



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