Monday, May 14, 2018

Moving Right Along

Some of this past week was spent keeping up with Amy's Creative Side Comfort Quilt QAL. Today begins week 4, and I was happy to complete the week 4 assignment on Saturday, during our Central Florida MQG Sew-In. Once a month, our group uses the library community room from 10 am to 6 pm. But as everyone had to leave early (by 2:30), I left too... and continued sewing when I returned home, so as to finish these plus blocks.

Week 4 - 15 large blocks; 25 small blocks.

Cumulatively, I've pieced 38 6" X 6" blocks, and 58 3" X 3" blocks toward a twin-size quilt.

I also pieced backing for the foundation paper pieced quilt top that I'm testing for a designer, and that I can't share until July. I was glad to use up this Amy Butler yardage that I had thought to sew into a dress. The yellow is a bit lemony-bright for clothes, but will be great as a quilt back.

The rest of sewing time was spent hand appliquéing the center circle of my Spin Art quilt to a white background.

I will appliqué these 32 pieces onto the background to get the real spinning effect of Spin Art. I'd prefer to machine appliqué them in place, for expediency, but those points may be a bit tricky. Hand appliqué might look better.
Spin Art, approximately 68" X 68"
A neighbor down the street had his house painted. The workers covered the lanai screens with paper, as protection during painting. I appreciated seeing their message on the paper - a bold proclamation in this cultural climate. I love it!


  1. not about post but three minutes of fun.....

  2. Love all your plus signs....keep going!!! Who painted the message, the neighbor or the workers? I love it too!

  3. Jesus indeed.
    I hope your test comes back super. Either way, just keep that cancer crap away. I will pray for your courage to deal with the result.
    Dieting. I never used to have to "diet", but now, my diet is just eating properly and stop eating so much junk. Junk food is so yummy too.

  4. You are doing great keeping up with the QAL!!



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