Monday, March 21, 2016

Which Way? Finish

Which Way? is my latest finish. The quilt finished at 40" X 54" and will be donated to Project Linus.

The design was fun to make because I could use up lots of my 2-1/2" X 2-1/2" squares as well as stashed fabric. I was thrilled to find this perfect backing fabric in my cabinet. Score! From the back you can see that I walking-foot quilted the arrow. Then, each horizontal section is quilted with a different design using a matching thread color.

Batting is Dream Pink, Quilter's Dream's new select loft 80/20 blend. A purchase of this batt supports breast cancer research. So this is a donation quilt made with batting monies donated to research for a cure! Win, win!

I used my favorite "no tails binding" method to add edging that coordinates with each side.

Here's a bit of colorful mail that arrived all the way from the UK! My name was drawn in a blog giveaway by Leanne of SheCanQuilt. My prize is this scrap bundle from the famous Karen Lewis (notice that her name is Karen?!). Scrap fabrics are from her Blueberry Park collection.

I think this is hysterical.

But I guess only a quilter would appreciate it. Thanks, Kathy, for sharing it with me! Linda


  1. Congratulations on such a fun finish! And a fun win! XO

  2. Lucky you!! Your quilt turned out great.

  3. Such a bright, fun quilt and the binding touch is perfect!

  4. Your quilt is sure put a smile on a child's face! Congrats on your Blueberry Park win!

  5. Someone is going to love that quilt! I love Blueberry Park. I haven't cut into it yet, well maybe just a little!

  6. Very cool. Where do you send your Linus quilts. In have some finished and will drop them off at Bettina shop in lake Mary

  7. My almost 2 year old completely agrees with that kid's sentiment. When proudly showing off her new jacket, etc., from Grandma, she explains "Grammy made it." Which is so NOT the way that grammy rolls :-)


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