Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Retreat Action

Being away for four days and three nights on a quilt retreat is the optimum amount of time to devote to sewing, socializing, and perhaps eating a little too much. But I happily did that from March 1-4 in Sebring, Florida. We stayed at Kenilworth Lodge, using one of two ballrooms for our sewing space. This was my work station.

And this is the result of sitting at that work station for numerous hours. My "Rebel" quilt top, a pattern by Libs Elliott, is finished. Kaufman Kona colors used were: charcoal, steel, shadow, brick, ruby, orange, and curry. I could gaze at this for a long time, seeing different shapes within the shapes.

Rebel is 72" X 72", and took longer to piece than I thought it would. Perhaps that's because I found it a bit boring. If you're a quilter, you know the routine: 1) cut a square; 2) sew two squares together with two diagonal seams; 3) cut them apart; 4) press open half-square triangle blocks seams; 5) trim the block to size. I did that again and again. Truth be told, I'd do it all again for this colorful outcome. For now, it's being piled onto the stack of six quilt tops I now need to quilt!

My second project was to begin making "Cartwheel Quilt," a pattern by FreshlyPieced. I sewed nine of these 12-inch blocks. The prints (Blueberry Park and Mimosa, among others) and colors (aqua) are right up my alley. Background fabric is Widescreen by Carolyn Friedlander. In September I'll be teaching this project - foundation paper piecing - through the Lifelong Learning College.

Karen and I enjoyed retreating together. Not only are we good roomies, but we enjoy the same things... including wine. Most importantly, we both like to spend as much time as possible sewing! Most nights found us as the last or near the last to go to bed, and in the morning, the first or near the first to be at our sewing machines.

Karen completed her "Curve It Up" quilt top, a pattern by SewKindofWonderful. She, along with other quilters from our Big Cypress Quilters chapter, made these blocks in 2015 as a BOM. To finish her quilt top, Karen took time to make the curved-pieced border, and in my opinion, it was time well-spent. 

Turns out that when quilters are together, the best tips come up. The one that was most amazing at our retreat was learning that peroxide will remove a scorch from fabric. One of my quilter-friends tested it on her portable ironing pad, and it worked! Just spray the scorch, cover it with a clean, dry cloth, and press. Repeat. It took about four repetitions, but look at the difference!

What a nice bunch of quilters! Fourteen of us enjoyed one another's company, and I'm happy to have gotten to know them better.  
Big Cypress Quilters, March 3, 2016
And while I'm sharing people pictures, here's what appeared on the front page of Saturday's The Mix-South, a supplement to The Villages Daily Sun. I'm terribly proud of these students! Only one quilter didn't complete the course, and that's my best completion rate ever. As an instructor, it's very rewarding knowing that these women have now picked up this addictive hobby! 

One more thing... AQS Executive Director Bonnie Browning video interviewed Lora and me when we won third place for "Ad Libbing" at the show in Daytona Beach. Here's our interview on YouTube. Linda


Pinkadot Quilts said...

Wow lots of exciting stuff going on! I love your quilts you worked on at they retreat, they are great! I also heard vinegar works on scorching marks, I will keep this remedy in mind too!

HeathersSewingRoom said...

Your Rebel quilt looks great with a fabulous colour selection. Really enjoyed reading about your fun retreat and seeing so many smiles 😀

Debbie said...

What fun! Boring or no, your Rebel quilt is terrific! I'm off on retreat this weekend too - yay!

Chris said...

Love both the quilts you made and the turquoise one was already on my list to make! But it was even better to see the video of you. Well done for the prize and I feel like I know you even better now! The wonders of the Internet.

Nancy said...

Ah, quilt retreat! Such a wonderful and productive time. I like the Rebel quilt, and it's good you had the "mindlessness" of piecing the squares so you could chat with others and keep the accuracy. The MIX photo shows how beautifully you are planting those "quilt seeds" and giving so many others the satisfaction and love for quilting.

KaHolly said...

Oh, my! Such ambitious progress at your quilt retreat, and time to socialize and bond, too!

Grammy said...

I enjoyed seeing your interview on YouTube Linda. That quilt is just gorgeous in the video. Who gets custody of the quilt and the ribbon? :)

Oops-Lah said...

I just watched the YouTube video and you are even more lovely and cute in "person". I adore your Rebel quilt but I can understand that you found it a bit boring to make as your work is usually more demanding. But sometimes it's good work without having to concentrate too much to be able to chat. I'm so glad you had a wonderful retreat.

Dar said...

You were very productive at retreat, but I'm not surprised. I watched your YouTube and loved how you explained the quilting process you started with. Thanks for the great tip from the retreat too. I am going to try that on my portable June Tailor pressing board.

Michele said...

Really nice work at the retreat. I haven't had a chance to attend one yet but I hope to soon.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I enjoyed watching the video Linda. I had no idea you had such a huge quilting group at the Villages. Also nice to know a new use for my round glass table top. I take it you quilted individual concentric circles rather than the giant spiral so many people do?

Edith Bieri-Hanselmann said...

Oh, this retreat looked like a lot of fun. Nice to see Karen again. She didn't Change since I met her while visiting you!


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