Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quilters in Jacksonville

On Monday and Tuesday this week, I was with quilters from the All Star Quilter's Guild in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a wonderful experience for me.

The guild meets the third Monday of each month at 10 am, and this meeting found 91 members in attendance!

My 50-minute, 92-slide presentation about domestic machine quilting was followed by a trunk show of 14 of my quilts, and I think it went well. At least no one complained!

It was nice to revisit some of my "oldies," particularly Snowflake Medallion. That's the quilt that really set me on my free motion quilting adventure.

The quilt-holders didn't complain about holding up Scrap Vortex which weighs a ton - it's big, and has thousands of seams.

That afternoon, and again on Tuesday morning, I taught domestic machine quilting to 20 (maybe only 17 attended?) quilters. Since I this is the first time I've free motion quilting with a class of seasoned quilters - mostly new and newer quilters through The Lifelong Learning College - I discovered a difference not only in the level of student abilities, but in their expectations. 

While some of them have the same self-doubts about their capabilities - just as new quilters do - in general they seemed more determined to learn. They asked and remarked about their concerns, and I quickly learned that I needed to step up my game to keep ahead of their thoughtful questions. Teaching and sharing what I know was very rewarding!

The photo collage pictures were taken with my cell phone because after the presentation pictures were taken, my camera's telescopic lens wouldn't retract.

Since I use this camera all the time, I pursued the problem through the Canon website which revealed a common lens problem for my particular model and serial number.

So, even though the camera is out of warranty, all I need do is ship it to Newport News, Virginia, for a no-cost repair. Well, shipping it cost $26, but it's a better deal than having to buy a new camera... if this is the fix.

Anyway, it's good to be home again, after a whirlwind few days. As much as I enjoyed the trip and meeting super-nice quilters, I do wonder how in-demand quilting instructors do it. Preparations, and often being on the go is tiring. Maybe it's all about one's age.

Tomorrow - Good Friday - I have another leg angiogram. It's time to have my 70-80 percent plaque-blocked right leg femoral artery reopened. The visit to Dr. Q's cath lab for a procedure marks the eight time I've been there. Oh boy! I'm getting so close to ten reward points and that new toaster I've been promised! (Ha, ha.) Linda


Dar said...

Your trunk show (what I saw of it) looked great. I'm sure your presentation and slide show was very informative for both new and seasoned quilters. Toaster, heck you should be getting a whole kitchen with all new appliances with the money they charge! Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking and praying for you. Happy Easter.

Dar said...

P.S. You look so cute with your selvage skirt and turquoise top. That makes you look 25 yrs. old.

Grammy said...

Linda, you were truly in your element sharing your love and knowledge of quilting and the trunk must have been fabulous for you and the participants! I'm all smiles reading about the fun you had!

Chris said...

Great work ! It's fun sharing with like-minded isn't it.
And yes,it is tiring travelling to teach. I'm trying to cut down on away jobs but it's not happening!
Good luck with the leg too. No doctor down here would be open on Good Friday.

Sue said...

Well done Linda. I couldn't stand and talk to that many women, give me up to half a dozen and I'm fine, but more....Its a pity ├žause Ive got plenty of quilts to show. Haha!Great to hear your class was so successful, and your start with people of next to no experience, must have helped with the more experienced quilters.
I'm wishing you all the very best for your leg op. Sending you hugs from NZ :-)

Susan said...

You sure 'rock' that A-line skirt! Good luck with the latest procedure...I'll be thinking of you!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I know you don't want to earn that toaster! I hope everything went well today and you are resting comfortably.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I bet you learn something with every class even as your students learn from you. And I would think you are a great teacher. Hope the procedure went well today. Happy Easter.

KaHolly said...

Hope all went well with your procedure on Friday. You look so cute in your selvedge edge skit, giving your presentation. 91 attending members! That's remarkable! Class looked fun, too. I had a problem with my Canon a few years back, and they fixed me up, too! Great company! Thinking of you! XO

SeeLifeMarvels said...

I'm glad you're still able to laugh at the number of visits. Not seeing pictures of your creative efforts or stopping by your blog to read what's been going on, would truly be sad. I'm looking forward to the day we meet IRL.


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