Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's a Wrap

Because each year I have my blog posts printed into a hardcover book - 2015 is volume 7! - I need to squeeze in one last 2015 post to wrap up my year of quiltmaking and sewing.

A tally of only completed projects reveals that I made:

9 quilts and/or wall hangings. While I don't think that's very many, I reminding myself that each one took extra time because I quilted them myself. When put together, I'm noticing a color theme here. Ahh. Bright?

16 articles of clothing that include tops, shorts, and a skirt. These are some of them.

4 toddler dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World. I'll definitely make more in 2016.

3 pillows
 4 pin cushions

5 totes and wristlets

4 free motion quilting samples to use when teaching in 2016

And some assorted items: a counted cross stitch palm, washer pattern weights, 16 Jelly Clip pouches, and knitted dishcloths. 

Surprisingly, the one thing I made this year that was not quilting related, and by far and away received the most "likes" (308!) on Instagram, was my decoupaged "war desk," so named after seeing the movie "War Room". Who would have guessed that others like it as much as I do?

I have more than a few projects that were begun in 2015 and aren't finished. I think I have five quilt tops waiting to be quilted. You know what I'll be doing in 2016! WIPs!

One special WIP is My Small World. I plan to call it "My Florida World." Though this quilt top is just 35" x 53", it's full of interest and detail: embroidery, English paper piecing, hand appliqué. To give you an idea, the sky area patches are 1" x 1". I began this as a quilt-along in June, and though I didn't keep up with the along, I'm tickled about completing the quilt top today - on New Year's Eve.

Two thousand fifteen found me happily occupied with teaching, entering/sending quilts to national shows, participating and volunteering in two quilting organizations - the public relations team for Quilting Guild of The Villages, and Media Coordinator for Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild - line dancing and walking regularly, participating in Bible study, and visiting doctors (too often!)!

January and February will continuing to find me be happy occupied as I start teaching again, and attend at least two quilt shows. The first is World Quilt Florida in Orlando next week - January 7, 8, and 9. February's AQS Show in Daytona Beach from the 24th to 27th will be special because "Ad Libbing," the quilt Lora and I made, has been juried into the AQS show.

As well, Quilting Guild of The Villages' biannual "MarketPlace" is coming up January 15-16. Those days will find me hosting my friend Lora who will have a vendor booth at Marketplace. More than 50 vendors will vend, and Lora's will be the only shop that's exclusively selling modern fabrics. I'm excited to work in her booth - "Will work for fabric!" (Ha!) Visit us in the Dragonfly Quiltworks booth.

Though my word for the year was "thankful," upon reflection I know I failed to diligently behave thankfully. When new medical concerns arose, or I worried about something, or my feelings were hurt, I wasn't thankful. But the upside of my failure to give thanks is that God is always faithful. I can return to thankfulness again and again, and He lovingly accepts it from me.

Have a wonderful 2016 friends! Linda


  1. Wow! I'm impressed with how much you got done! You are right - quilts take longer when we actually make them ourselves :-)

  2. What a really full and creative year for you!

  3. It's a Wrap is a great post... I read all the events as you lived them but seeing them summarized puts a different spin on LIFE.... go girl... you are right... it is going to be a great 2016. Happy New Year!

  4. Considering all the teaching engagements and community events you are involved in, I would say 2015 was a highly successful one for you Linda! Especially when there are clothes, bags and other 'small makes' to throw into the mix! And don't forget the travelling you do too! Happy New Year!

  5. What a great post Linda! And what a wide variety of beautiful projects you got done. And all the hugs and special time spent with family and friends round it out nicely. happy New Year, may you and yours be blessed in 2016!

  6. What a colorful year you had, including your desk! Happy New Year!

  7. Your tally of thing accomplished is impressive. Good luck with the medical concerns, I also know that God is faithful.

  8. Looks like a lot accomplished to me!

  9. Your wrap up is so wonderfully tied together with beautiful pictures and words. You can see what an organized person you are and you create lovely things. I hope 2016 is even better for you and I will look forward to sharing your fun through the blog.

  10. Hi Linda! What a great post and year! I love the idea of gathering the year's posts into a book. How do you do that? I can't figure out how to fix the "no reply", so my email is ZippyQuilts(at)gmail. Happy new year!

  11. Enjoyed seeing your year in review. Your comments about Thankfullness really came home to roost with me too. I wish you a happy New Year!

  12. so many finishes - with all the other sewing you have done 9 quilts is pretty good !! what a fabulous idea to print all your blog posts into a book !

  13. A very productive 2015 and hope for the same in 2016.

  14. What a wonderful creative year you've had. It seems likely that this year will be equally busy. All best wishes for health, happiness and many blessings in 2016.

  15. Well, Linda, it was quite a year for you. Each and every one of your projects is delightful. While I find quick and easy quilt designs fun and motivating, it isn't about how many quilts we make in a year! I hope 2016 is kind to you. You deserve a break! XO

  16. I love reading your posts, and I need to improve on the leaving a comment part, as you should now of my admiration at that moment, instead of some weeks down the road. I wish I had a post like this, as yours is so light-filled and so full of fun. I love seeing all your projects all lined up and certainly, I need to get on to that doing-of-a-book part, as it's so satisfying to review one's work in the world. I hope that your 2016 is just as beautiful and life-affirming, even in the face of sorrows and trials, as 2015 has been. Happy New Year!


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