Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas with Family

We've been away from home since December 16, and returned with a head cold I can't shake. It started Christmas day. No whining here, but suffice it to say I'm still feeling pretty miserable. Blocked sinuses make for a relentless, dull headache that doesn't coordinate with my plans to sew.

Anyway, our 14 days away from home were spent driving to/from Austin, Texas, where we stayed with our son, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons, and also spent two nights with former-Iowa friends living in Boerne, Texas.

Prepare for people picture overload! 

Five year-old Austin liked the flashing Rudolph nose I brought for him.

He's a Legos kid (like his dad was) playing in his room for hours at a time.

This sweet-looking fella, Luke, doesn't take well to everyone. He'll turn two years old next week.

The only time he would let me near him is when I had the juicer going in the morning, and let him drop in the vegetable and fruit pieces.

In this picture I was on the receiving end of "the hairy eyeball" as I was attempting to cajole him into letting me put him in his crib for a nap.

Luke and daughter-in-law, Lyn.

One long morning, Lyn and I made awesome sugar cookies... if we do say so ourselves.

While in Boerne visiting Patty and Greg, Patty and I treated ourselves to mani-pedis. What a great way to spend time with a friend. A margarita and cranberry vodka don't hurt a bit either!

The four of us spent an evening on the San Antonio Riverwalk. It was decked out festively for Christmas. And so crowded for a Tuesday evening!

This is our just-bathed, dear, 12 year-old Hogan who has been having health problems. While in Austin, he saw a vet who diagnosed his incessant scratching as a subcutaneous skin infection. We had to give him a medicated bath - oh how he hates getting wet - antibiotics, and daub a topical steroid on all the lumps he had scratched open. The ones near his eye socket, and eye, were the worst. But, of greater concern is a growth on his chest. Several weeks ago our vet in The Villages found abnormal cells. On January 6 he'll have surgery.

Christmas is always an extra special time when children are involved. We shared it with Darth Vader and Stormtrooper, sporting their new pajamas.

Off to the right you can see the "fireplace" our son put together from a cardboard box, and various colors of construction paper. The string of lights are meant to give it the glow of warmth. He made this last year, and it's just special. Our Brent is a pretty clever fellow!

Each Christmas seems to unerringly follow an unplanned theme. This year was the year of "drinking." It took the form of cups, bottles of alcohol, and mugs. We were tickled to receive these 30 ounce Yeti mugs - the hard-to-find, hot Christmas gift of 2015.

Best of all, Christmas is about sharing time with someone(s) you love. 

I hope yours was happy, and that you shared some love too. Linda


  1. Sweet memories! So pleased you shared. It was really funny imagining you just a few miles up the road! I wasn't imagining mani-pedis and cocktails, though? Glad you had such a good time. Hope you are feeling better real soon. XO

  2. I love all these pictures. Yes, I heard those Yeti mugs were super hard to find! Also, I see you had the fire going on your TV screen. I always forget about that but our son got ours going on Christmas night. It was fun to hear the crackling in the background. It's as close as we can get with all the bad air quality here in CA. Happy New Year!

  3. I hope you can kick that cold! Nothing worse when everyone else is celebrating and having fun! Although that mani and pedi looks pretty special! Happy New Year Linda! I hope 2016 is full of good times and good health!

  4. Those are wonderful pictures of your lovely family and friends. Looks like a great time was had by all. Nice to be home, though I imagine.

  5. So glad you were able to spend Christmas. The Riverwalk looks wonderful.

  6. First off, I hope Hogan is ok and comes out of surgery well!!! Our poor fur babies!!! Yetti mugs are fantastic!!! My kids and their spouses all have them. My son said ice will still be in his mug the next day!!
    Looks like you had a great time with family! So many memories...hope you feel better...although, so many in Michigan are sick and now we are hearing folks in Florida are ill! We had it last year for 5 weeks so hoping we miss it this year!!!

  7. What a fabulous Christmas with family! Thanks for sharing the pictures with have beautiful grandchildren!! Happy New Year to you Linda :-)

  8. Have to laugh about the fireplace. Visiting my daughter's family this year the fireplace glowed for hours ......on the TV.

    That Luke is a carbon copy of YOU. LOL

  9. Looks like a wonderful Christmas with family. The boys just keep on getting bigger and more handsome each time you share them with us. This is our first Christmas without my family so I can so appreciate the good times and memories you have.

  10. love seeing all the happy family photos - bet that mani-pedi was wonderful !! not good news about Hogan though - fingers crossed the surgery goes ok xx


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