Monday, December 28, 2015

It's in the Mail

I've just received an email notice from the USPS that a MassDrop order I placed has arrived. I can't wait to pick it up from our mail station. I'm mentioning it here in case any of you, like me:
  1. ever look for a good quilting-related deal, or
  2. occasionally buy something you didn't think you'd ever need! Ha!
Such was the case when I ordered a TrueCut 360-Degree Circle Cutter.

In February I'll be teaching this "Candy Pop" quilt at the Lifelong Learning College. (Full details on "Teaching Schedule" tab at the top of this page.)

I always like to share with students multiple ways to accomplish something, so each of them has an option of finding a method or technique that works best for them.

In the February class, I'll teach several different methods for machine-appliquéing a circle to a background, and several different ways to cut out those circles. My new MassDrop, TrueCut 360-Degree Circle Cutter is one of them. (Doesn't free shipping make a bargain even better?!)

An extra blade comes with it.

I'm excited to give this circle cutter a try. I'll be sure to write a follow-up post about it. Linda


  1. My titanium needles arrived today. I love MassDrop!!!

  2. MassDrop was great when our Aussie dollar was up, but now its not really worth it! (Insert sad face....) Maybe I'll just go have a little look......

  3. Oooh that looks really cool - that circle cutter - let us know how it works, would ya?

  4. I have gotten some great deals from Massdrop!

  5. Something is strange about the comment box. As I type in it, nothing shows up. Maybe there is a color choice of fonts or background colors causing this?


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