Monday, September 14, 2015

Austin Time

The hubs, dog, and me returned home Sunday after being in Austin, Texas for most of the past ten days. Our son and family live there, and we always look forward to being with them, and enjoying Austin - both Austins! Our grandson and the city. 

We took a family hike in Reimers Ranch Park, Dripping Springs...  

... where everyone got a chance to skip rocks in the Perdernales River.

A couple months ago, at home, we saw a TV show about ice cream/gelato places in Austin. I noted several of them, intending to check them all out... one by one. Fresh-made Italian gelato at Dolcé Nevé on 1st Street, in Austin. Check. Austin's flavor choice was 70 percent caçao.

Popcorn fiend that I am, I travel with my Whirly-Pop popcorn popper, and favorite Hy-Vee white kernel popcorn. I'm determinedly teaching my grandsons to like it too!
Isn't Luke a cutie? Cherubic. When he's happy, he's all sweetness. And when he's not... Well. 'Nuf said.

We took two days away from family to go to Boerne, Texas to visit friends from our Iowa days. Great hospitality, snacks, drinks by the swimming pool... and my win at Mexican Train dominoes. All fun!

A critical deliverable on this trip to Austin was DIL Lyn's new-to-her Bernina Artista 230 Patchwork Edition sewing machine. She wanted to dig in while I was there to teach and guide, so she started making place mats following the free tutorial by Alyssa Haight Carlton. After considerable fabric deliberations she cut out four place mats...

... and managed to complete one during my visit. In spite of not having a walking foot, she's a natural at sewing and shouldn't have any problems making the other three place mats.

While a walking foot would make a great birthday gift for Lyn's this-Friday birthday, she asked for a different sort of foot. Texan style.

Helping Lyn shop for boots was educational. I learned to listen for the "whoom" sound when the heel and boot heel meet as the boot is tugged on. That means it's a good fit. Now I want to be a Texan so I can wear boots too!

Quilt shop visits are always in order, and because I follow The Cloth Pocket on Instagram, I planned a special trip there. The owner's mother generously gave me fabrics to give as prizes for an upcoming Central Florida MQG challenge. For myself, I selected double gauze. I've only heard about it, and will make a couple tops.

I also visited Valli and Kim in Dripping Springs. Oh. My. Goodness. To have a quilt shop like anywhere in Central Florida would be heaven! Modern fabrics, innumerable ideas, and wonderful notions.

So, what do you do when your husband does all 16 hours of driving each way - to and from Texas?! Of course. You plan lots of handwork. First up was to hand stitch these prepped segments for My Small World quilt. Done.

With Sugar 'n Cream and size 10 knitting needles, I made seven dish cloths. Done.

This stitchery, on 20-count canvas, has traveled with me several times. Since I've worked on it only while on the road, I call it my "I-10 Palm." It's 4" X 5-1/4", and only needs framing. Done. 

Now unpacked, I've been scrambling to get ready for Monday. It will be spent line dancing; teaching the first of five First Time Quiltmaking lessons to 14 students enrolled in my Lifelong Learning College class; and giving the 6:30 pm program for Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild. If you're in the area, join our MQG chapter for: "Social Media and the Modern Quilter: 10 ways to engage in the quilting world."

Don't forget to stop back here Thursday for my day on the Machine Quilting With Style blog hop, with a giveaway! Linda


Teresa said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I like Mexican Dominos too, and meet one a month with three other couples to play.

tink's mom said...

I can't believe how big the boys are getting. Looks like a great time was had by everyone and that you visited with some great people and great shops. You did get a lot done while on I 10. In our house I do all the long distance driving. I'm jealous.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Your family and grandkids are so sweet. Nice you get to visit often even though they are far away. I think you should get some boots and kick up your heels dancing Texas style even in Florida.

Susan said...

What a perfectly fun time you had Linda! Shopping, crafting, grandchildren and food! You surely made some special memories too!

Dar said...

I've never heard of Mexican dominoes. How is it different than the standard type? Your DIL has good taste in boots. I'm like you. Wish there were more places here that I could wear boots. I do have some that I had to buy for a wedding - dress code was all western, Your I-10 Palm project is so pretty. Love all your hand works during your travels. I can't believe how big the boys are getting. I know you had lots of fun with family and friends. What a nice get away. Now back to your busy schedule.

Amy @ Amy's FMQ Adventures said...

Such a busy bee! Looks like fun. Adorable grandsons too. And boots! When I was growing up in FL in the 80's, boots were on my feet about 90% of the time. Back then I was quite the cowgirl. My, how things have changed. I saw a pic on Pinterest today that reminded me of your busy hands on your road trip: someone had an old Singer rigged up to sew in the car!

Debbie said...

What a fun visit! And I LOVE that you DIL is sewing!!

Deb said...

What a great visit you had. How exciting for Lyn to get her machine and to have you there to assist. I think since you are a line dancer you need some whoosh cowboy boots of your own. I am always amazed at how much you can accomplish when traveling. Thanks for sharing.

Grammy said...

great to see the family pics Linda! it was great to see you and hubs! I hope you can see my email address now as I went into my google profile and made the change. Please let me know if it didn't work!

leanne said...

so wonderful to catch up with family and friends - sounds like a wonderful trip and love now you've got a full schedule as soon as you're back home - you're a wiz !! love your my small world pieces - so looking forward to both of us finishing this one :)


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