Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Since this fabric arrived in the mail last Friday, I've been itching to start sewing. "60s Scrapbag" is a fabric collection by Emma Jean Jansen for Ella Blue Fabrics (Australia), and I've been looking for it all over the online shops! I was tickled when my friend Lora, who has an Etsy shop - DragonflyQuiltworks - began stocking it... at my request. What a friend, huh?

Right away I pulled out the Sorbetto top pattern that I've been wanting to try. It's a free downloadable pattern by Colette Designs! I'm happy to report that it's super! Only two pieces, easy to sew, and a great fit. Choose your measurements and then follow their advice to choose the next size up. The top is a pull-on style (no buttons, zippers, or closures) and the fit is meant to be tailored. 

I made my first Sorbetto top - sleeveless - with the 60s Scrapbag quilting cotton, embellishing the front placket with three orange buttons. 

The second Sorbetto top is made with double gauze fabric - I've been wanting to try sewing with double gauze, and bought this piece from The Cloth Pocket in Austin, Texas. The fabric is really nice! As you can see, this Sorbetto version has sleeves. I found that sleeve piece free online, designed by someone else. I couldn't believe that the two different designers' patterns worked together, but they did.  I really like this version too! I'm pretty sure Sorbetto tops are going to be my new wardrobe staple. 

I knew I wanted a skirt from 60s Scrapbag too, so I pulled out my favorite skirt book - The Essential A-Line, by Jona Giammalva. This is the seventh skirt I've made from that book, and the second time I've made this layered version. I like this style because it allows me to show off three 60s Scrapbag prints!

Off-topic of sewing... last week I went with a friend to see the wonderful movie "War Room." It's a Christian movie starring Priscilla Shirer, a Bible study writer/leader, and apparently an actress too. I had no idea! I was stirred to make a few changes in my prayer life, including writing and praying Bible verses that keep me in the Word.

My hairstylist told me she often leaves messages for her children by writing on a mirror with a dry erase marker. What a good idea! For myself, I chose to write on my mirror this meaningful verse from "War Room."

Submit yourself to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4:17
The movie certainly spoke to me, renewing my desire to pray for myself and others, and to expect results. 

If you plan to go to the movie, better hurry! It's been out since August 28. Take tissues! Linda


  1. Thanks for the shout out for War Room. I haven't seen it yet, maybe this weekend. Your new clothes look wonderful.

  2. Really cute top and the fabrics are fun!!

  3. Aren't you the clever thing, adding a sleeve from another pattern! I'm sure you will get lots of wear from them in Florida!

  4. Very cute! You'll be the envy of all the ladies at The Villages!

  5. Wow, Linda, is there no limit to your talent! Love the Sorbetto top (have downloaded the pattern) and really love the fabrics you've sewn them in.

  6. What cute tops. They are so you -- bright and bubbly.

    1. Thanks for saying so, Deb! I'm sorry your comments are coming into my email box. I don't know what's up with that. Hopefully you see this reply to you.

  7. Great prints and the tops are easy-breezy! I've heard such good things about War Room- must see it. Heard a piece on Moody Bible Radio in which Priscilla Shirer said she didn't know she was an actress either when she was invited to play a part!

  8. Your two tops are very cute and I like the fabrics that you used. I no longer like wearing sleeveless tops, but I like the short sleeves you added to the 2nd one. Thanks for the review of War Room. Another friend told me it was supposed to be a wonderful movie. Will have to see if it's still in our area, or get on a wait list at the library. Thanks.

  9. Great tops and beautiful fabrics. Love that verse! blessings, marlene



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