Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to School

Back to school doesn't mean much to me, but it does to grandchildren, especially two of them who started kindergarten! Austin looks pretty excited... 
Austin, in Austin
...especially compared to his first day of pre-school last year!

The first week, he had homework to do. 

In Kansas City, the whole family had someplace to go on an early Thursday morning. Celina began her junior year; Tay started kindergarten; and Aesa continues to attend pre-school.

I'm pretty sure that of that family, Tay was the most excited.

And so was their mom, who established some responsibilities right off the bat.

I think often of these two busy families and pray that the children all have a great school year. 

Here at home, we picked up extra supplies in case we were stuck at home without power. We're enjoying the fact that the Erika was a whole lot of nothin'. Linda


  1. The kids look so cute. I especially enjoyed the comparison between last year and this year, bless his little heart! So glad the storm amounted to nothing. This time.

  2. I remember what fun it was to go back to school when I was that age (under 15). Seeing all your friends and finding out what they did over the summer was always interesting. What funny words on the picture of TS Erika. lol Clever.

  3. Gosh, those two boys are in kindergarten already. Time sure does fly by. They both look so happy and excited about school.

  4. awww . . . I still remember leaving my first born on the first day of kindergarten and then crying all the way home. Now she is almost 26. Such special times for little ones.

  5. Your grandies look so cute and I loved the picture of Erica. Too funny!

  6. Enjoyed seeing pictures of your grandbabies!


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