Friday, June 5, 2015

Super Tote and Wristlet

The family has come and gone - May 27 to June 4 - and it was an action-packed time with a five year-old and 18 month-old to keep me on my toes. My next post will be about DIL Lyn's experience sewing for the first time, as we managed to snatched some nap time/quiet time from the kids to introduce her to her new sewing machine.

Now I can reveal the secret sewing I did last month since Lyn has received her gifts. I made her a Super Tote (pattern by Noodlehead).

I also made an Essential Wristlet (pattern by Dog Under My Desk). Actually, as you can see, I made several wristlets, including this black and white chevron one for my granddaughter.

At first I intended to make the Super Tote for myself, but one day when Lyn was able to attend QuiltCon with me, she commented that she liked that navy Viewmaster fabric, a Cotton and Steel print. It just so happened that I'd purchased a couple yards of the Viewmaster fabric the day before! So, I knew it was the right thing to make for her. She's practically worn out two other totes I've made for her, so I know this will be used. 

I can't say this is the easiest pattern to follow. If I'd been asked, I would have made a modification to instructions in the pattern cutting.

As it turns out, I made one section entirely incorrectly! That cream pin dot should not have been cut out to go with the orange bracelet print. This is honest sewing at it's finest.
It was supposed to look like this, with both pieces matching. I fixed my mistake after pretty much completely unmaking and remaking the bag! 
And the Super Tote is sort of an awkward thing to put together. Many handy-dandy Wonder Clips were put to use on this project.

Super Tote from the back... I added an outside zipper pocket that wasn't called for in the pattern. The sides are natural-colored linen.

On the inside I added that aqua zipper pocket on the left.

It's a nice place to keep something really secure. 

As for the wristlet, it has a couple extra pockets too - one on the outside...

...and another on the inside. The inside pocket, toward the bottom of the photo, is meant for a cell phone.
You can never have too many pockets in a bag! If you ever want to add one to any pattern, here's the VanillaJoy tutorial I followed.

I think Lyn's pretty pleased with what I made for her.
Now I'm looking forward to being an enabler, as she's expressed interest in making her own totes! Linda


  1. I think you got yourself a "sewing convert". What a lovely tote bag you made for her and no doubt she will try to follow in your foot step.

  2. Love the tote and the wristlets. Liked Lyn too. She really seems to want to play in the fabric pile. Life is good.

  3. Well done! Hopefully another convert.

  4. What a great MIL you are. So talented and now passing the love of sewing on to another generation. Your tote and wristlets are very cute. I love seeing all the great purses, totes and bags you make. It is still on my "to do" list one day to make another selvage bag/purse for myself.

  5. She's a lucky girl! The tote looks fabulous made up in that fabric. I hope you have lots of fun showing her the ropes!

  6. What a fortunate daughter-in-law you have, Linda!

  7. I am so pleased you managed to get your bag to work out as it looks great and Linda seems very happy with her gift. I think bag sewing is one of the harder items to tackle depending on the amount of stiffening in the bag.


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