Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Strawberry Fizz and Lime Pop

It was slow quilting the past couple weeks to finish 78" X 78" "Strawberry Fizz and Lime Pop." Actually, it isn't completely finished, as three sides of binding remain to be hand sewn down.

The problem with this quilt is that I lost the love I initially felt when I made the spontaneous decision to join the Blogger's BOM in September 2011. In the beginning, being uber-enthusiastic, I decided to make two of each month's 12-1/2" X 12-1/2" block!

When I chose fabrics, I was just beginning to explore modern quilting. Hence, my decision to use Kona Ash and Kona White as background. Important decisions arose when it came time to put the blocks together. My first thought was to join the blocks with sashing - the usual ho-hum. Then, trying to push the envelope toward modern, I thought to "float" the blocks with sashing fabric that matched the block background.

Thinking about modern being asymmetrical, I decided to arrange the blocks like this. Some are on point and some are not.

The quilt center languished until it was my turn to choose a block for the Mid-Century Modern Bee. In May 2013, I asked for this 9-1/2" X 12-1/2" block with Kona Ash, Kona white, and assorted strawberry and lime prints. Again, I was aiming for a more modern finish to the quilt.

Using my bee mates' blocks as borders, I completed the quilt top. Again, it languished.

I finally began quilting in May. Using my Pfaff Grand Quilter and the ruler work foot, I quilted straight lines with my Fine Line Ruler.

The rest of the quilting was entirely free-form. No marking whatsoever to make the job faster. I've been all about getting this finished!

I'm breathing a sigh of relief to have this off my UFO list. Though I don't have a purpose for the quilt, maybe after enjoying it for a while, I'll donate it... hoping that MCM friends who contributed to the quilt won't mind.
Quilt back, with signature blocks
In spite of my determination to finish this project, I still procrastinated about sitting at the machine to quilt. A couple evenings ago, because I had the strong urge to sew something, I made this pillowcase dress.
It's a size 2-4 following this tutorial. I intend to donate it, and a few more, to Dress a Girl Around the World. Making this was so satisfying, not only because I used stash fabrics and it will go to a child in need, but it was just plain fun to make something girly. I don't have a reason to do that. Ever.

Later today I'll be welcoming DIL Lyn, and two grandsons for a week-long visit! I bought this darling Bernina Artista 230 sewing machine from my friend, Lora, as a gift for Lyn, who has never sewn. I can't wait to give it to her. I only hope I can refrain myself from wanting to teach her everything at once!

Getting ready for their visit, I thought you'd like to see how flexible my sewing room can be.
Sewing room
I intentionally chose changeable pieces like this, rather than built-ins, so when needed this room becomes a nursery! Seventeen month-old LJ will sleep here. His changing table is my ironing table, raised higher on Ikea saw horses, and covered with a colorful quilt. I love it, and even the woman who delivered the rented furniture (crib, high chair, and a car seat), commented on how cute it is. 
Oh! And if you haven't yet voted in the Blogger's Quilt Festival, please do so by May 29. You can vote for three quilts in each category, and I'd appreciate your votes for domestic machine quilted, Shapes; and small, Flower Ball; and modern, Ad Libbing quilt that Lora entered for us. Thanks! Linda


  1. Love your sewing/nursery! That quilt over the crib looks gorgeous there, adding such cheery dimension to the transformation. You did an amazing job completing your quilt. I am so inspired by your work and refer to your archived posts often for references and motivation!

    1. I love that you bought your dil a sewing machine - little does she know what's ahead for her. haha. And RE: the quilt - just lovely!! That was a long-term project for sure, but turned out beautifully! Glad to have been a part of it!

  2. I am happy to see the Strawberry and Lime quilt finished! This is one of my favourite colour palettes! Enjoy your time with family- they will have a ball, I bet!

  3. I have been away from the blogging world for a bit. So this is my first time back visiting this month. All I can say is "WOW". It is a good thing we are not on Skype, cause my jaw has dropped and I am drooling! You amaze me!!!!

  4. Enjoy your visitors! I know what you mean when you're over a quilt. Re gift it or can it be a raffle quilt?
    The green circles on the sewing room wall? Whats the block name please.

  5. Good for you finishing that quilt! the quilting is beautiful and you really have an eye for picking a good design.
    I always feel guilty not finishing quilts with blocks that were made by friends....

  6. The quilt is lovely and the quilting is perfect. I love the little dress and the fact that a child in need will get it. What a great mother-in-law you are. I'm sure Lyn will love the machine. Super delightful gift! It's great that you can rearrange your space into a room for little LJ. He will love it. Have a wonderful visit.

  7. I really love this quilt so much. I'm glad you are near the final finish with it. Your sewing room is beautiful--and so versatile!

  8. The ransformation of your sewing room into nursery is perfect and so YOU. You've thought of everything and your DIL will love her gift. She's lucky to have such a good MIL and quilter in the family.

  9. So fabulous! I'm just now writing up my post about bee blocks and I linked over to this post so everyone can see your gorgeous quilting. No, I don't mind if you donate this quilt. We can't keep all our quilts, and as you mentioned, you were just learning about your tastes in modern; this one may be better suited to a new home, if that's what you choose (although it is really stunning!). Love the presto-change-o nursery/sewing room!


  10. I actually like the colors that you used for your quilt. But I do understand how some quilts we just don't love once they are done. Good for you for getting it finished.

  11. I remember, so clearly, you working on the blocks for that quilt at our very first DSMMQG retreat in Waukee! So awesome to finish those UFOs. I should try that for a change. ;-)

  12. wonderful to have that gorgeous quilt finished ! and how lucky is LJ being able to stare at your gorgeous Prism quilt when he's in bed !!

  13. It is so gorgeous!, how fun that you are getting it finished. Beautiful quilting

  14. Linda, I love seeing the finished quilt. I am so impressed with your beautiful quilting on a project that you'd lost interest in, something I'd never do, I doubt...even if I could quilt like you do! What a fun quilt with a great story behind it. The dresses are adorable, too!


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