Sunday, June 7, 2015

Family Visit

Our Austin, Texas family recently visited us for a week. Since there's plenty to do here, even with an 18 month-old and a five year-old, we filled our days with activities.  

At the swimming pool, Bapa is always good for giving "elevators." Those are the slow, "one, two, three" bounces in the water, ending with an airborne toss. Austin was scared at first, but quickly caught on that they were fun!

LJ liked elevators too, though his never ended with an airborne toss!

We visited a large city park in Lady Lake.

Of course, riding in the golf cart is an ever-present opportunity for fun. We rented a second golf cart (the red one in the background) so we could all go out together. 

Sometimes, quiet time meant watching Toy Story 3 on a notebook.

These are the best pictures I took of LJ.

He looks sweet and happy, doesn't he?

Such was not the case when I accompanied them to Epcot. 

We learned pretty quickly that he didn't like standing still. Like in a line. A given when visiting any Disney World attraction! So, there were tantrums and general unhappiness that left us wishing we knew what to do to keep him content. 

He displayed a little heat rash, but it didn't appear to bother him.

So while big brother happily posed with several Disney characters... 

... little brother wasn't one bit cooperative.

Mom did her best to convince him it was "okay," but he wasn't buying it. 

However, to our relief, lunch at an Epcot restaurant in Mexico was a good family experience.

The family spent two more days at Disney World with out me, visiting the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekend. I don't know how it went. I do know it's awfully quiet around here! Linda


  1. Awwww the memories you have!!!!

  2. What great memories you've created...even the not so fun ones!! LOL

  3. What a fun visit- packed with good times. A car seat for the golf cart- now that I've not seen. But it's certainly a good idea. Cute children, and they clearly had a good time (except for the lines and the character visits).



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