Saturday, June 6, 2015

Private Sewing Lessons

A few weeks ago, I bought a lovely used Bernina Artista 230, the Patchwork Edition, for our daughter-in-law Lyn.

Lyn visited us for a whole week, so during that time, and while having two young children underfoot, I managed to show her the great features of her sewing machine, and get in a little sewing time. 

After suggesting she make the wildly-popular 1 Hour Basket pattern, free through Craftsy, and her agreement with that idea, she began with fabric shopping.
LJ helping Mommy fabric shop in Nana's stash
Later, after several visits to my stash cabinet, Lyn said that was the part of sewing she enjoyed the most! Yep. A real sew-ist in the making!

During nap time for 18 month-old LJ, and quiet time for five year-old Austin, we set up at the kitchen table (LJ napped in my sewing room) for one-on-one lessons, starting with rotary cutting.

Lyn caught on quickly.

She was a little anxious about using the sewing machine, admitting that the last time she sewed she was ten years old. Mmm, 24 years ago.

Lyn took it slowly at first, but toward the end of making her first basket, she had the machine humming along.

A first for me was using Bosal In R Form, a foam stabilizer. In April while at Missouri Star Quilt Company, I had purchased a package. The product comes as a single-sided or double-sided fusible. I had the latter, so to adhere fabric to one side only we used my appliqué pressing sheet. It's a great product and I need to buy more now!
Lyn and her first 1 hour basket
I'm glad I had the In R Form because Lyn enjoyed making the basket so much that during another nap time/quiet time, she made another! She followed the directions by herself and made basket number two with Lizzy House Mini Pearl Bracelets (outside) and a fat quarter of Serengeti Cloud 9 organic fabric (inside).  

Lyn says she's interested in making a tote, so perhaps that will be her next sewing machine adventure. But for now, she'll have to wait. They left our house to spend three days at Disney World before flying home to Austin. Sadly, the machine will remain with me until we drive there for a visit.

Still, I'm more than pleased by her interest in sewing, and that she's obviously a natural at it. With at least one sewist-quilter-friend at home, between us, she doesn't stand a chance of failing. Linda


Nancy said...

I love to see young women develop an interest in sewing and quilting. So happy you could encourage her. And "shopping" in Linda's fabric closet was a highlight- uh oh. You're right, she's got the bug.

Bonny said...

What a wonderful Mother-in-Law you are :)
You are teaching her skills she will keep for a lifetime and hopefully be able to pass on to someone else. My daughter loves to shop in my fabric cupboards too :)

KaHolly said...

Hurray! She did great., bet having you as her mentor was a plus. Sewing machines have changed a lot over the last 24 years! Glad she caught on and professes an interest to continue developing her skills. What a nice MIL you are to make sure she has a nice machine.

Quilting Babcia said...

What fun for you, and for her as she develops her skills and a new love for this timeless craft. Not to mention one more thing to bond you together.

Sue said...

How lovely for you both to have the same interest in common. I'm sure she'll be anxiously waiting for your next visit. Thanks for mentioning the r form. It sounds like just what I need but I'll have to try and find it here in NZ ( not hopeful) or in Australia. As the postage from MSQC was more than the cost of the package.

Susan Snooks said...

I'm guessing you enjoyed the experience too! You sound very proud of Lynne and yourself for being able to pass some of your expertise on!

Michele said...

Very nicely done. She has certainly caught the bug.

Oops-Lah said...

Your DIL got it completely right; fabric shopping is indeed the best part of quilting! And she's got a lovely shop to chose fabrics from, and probably all for free too! She's done very well with her first projects.

Dar said...

Lyn's first projects turned out great! What fun to shop in such a nice stash of colors for your first projects. She's lucky to have such a good teacher. So glad she has caught the bug. Now it will be so much fun to watch her grow more with you as her mentor. Tell her I'm proud of her too.

Carla said...

You went fishing with all the right bait and reeled her in, I'd say! Congrats!! LOL

Jodi said...

Love this story, Linda! What a blessing to have a sweet daughter-in-law. She must have hated to leave that machine behind!


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